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Wisdom teeth can become impacted against other teeth, lead to infections, tooth damage and more.

Plan for the removal of your child's wisdom teeth today!

It's time to have your child's wisdom teeth removed. 

Because of their location, wisdom teeth are very difficult (if not impossible) to keep clean and are especially vulnerable to decay, gum disease, infection and potentially cysts. 

Surgery to remove wisdom teeth is typically the best course of action to resolve those issues. 

If a wisdom tooth has fully passed through the gum line, a standard tooth extraction is performed. If the tooth has not passed through the gum line, an impacted tooth extraction method is used.  

Teenage Daughter

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"Dr. Metz is great. He has removed my son's wisdom teeth. He is also consulting on my daughter’s implants. He was the first doctor we saw about my daughter who gave us an answer that made sense. I can't say enough good things about this practice, the staff, and the doctors." 

"I was very nervous about having oral surgery. My fears quickly disappeared though when I met the kind, caring and professional staff. Dr. Stobaugh made me feel totally at ease and comfortable explaining the procedure to me. He was amazing and did a fantastic job. They have a patient for life." 

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