Texas Legislation Is Considering DSO Regulations

February 07, 2013 at 4:11 AM

Texas Dental service organizations (DSOs) may become subject to greater oversight under a bill introduced by Senator Jane Nelson, a Texas legislator.

This will not affect services at OMSH, a Houston dental implant leader. This true for treatment involving dental implants in Houston or any other services at OMSH where licensed dentists have always exclusively directed all dental treatment. There are dentistry practices offering cheap dental implants in Houston. Having this as the main consideration and without fully informing the patient of all the options just to make a sale is the kind of philosophy that wreaks havoc in a patient’s life. Limited options sometimes occur, but should not occur for lack of being properly informed. OMSH always offers superior alternatives that type of philosophy by responsibly informing patients of all the facts they need to know to make a wise decision.

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Among several issues of concern to Senator Nelson, she has expressed grave concern regarding “outrageous actions” involving unnecessary pediatric procedures. A news release on SB151, SB 152 and SB 153, was issued from the office of Sen. Nelson on 12.21.12, the same date they were received by the Secretary of the Senate. SB 151 deals with patient protection, SB 152 concerns state hospital patient protection and SB 153 applies to hospital penalties.

The bill is described in part as being designed to strengthen the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners in their ability to safeguard that dental treatment is directed exclusively in all dentistry practices by licensed dentists and never by a corporate entity. “These types of entities have been involved in some of the illegal and, quite candidly, outrageous actions…,” Sen. Jane Nelson stated sternly.

The bill was pre-filed on December 21 by Sen. Jane Nelson prior to the 83rd Regular Session of the Texas Legislature, which reconvened on January 8.

It was read on January 29 and referred to the Health and Human Services Senate Committee (which Sen. Nelson chairs) for further review.

The bill is considered to still be at stage one of becoming a law. In order to actually become a law, it must pass through a total of seven stages. You can simply follow the bills progress at the Texas Legislature Online’s Bill Stages section: SB 151SB 152 and SB 153.

The entire proceedings introduced and read aloud at the Texas Senate on January 29, 2013 are available on the Texas Senate’s Journal page for that day.

If the bill becomes law, it will require DSOs to register with the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners; and, will empower the dental board to impose administrative penalties and disciplinary actions against DSOs that violate the Texas Dental Practice Act.

Currently, in many states, the law states that only licensed dentists can own and operate dental clinics. Currently, Nelson has noted, Texas DSOs are not subject to any state regulation what-so-ever.

The entire explanation of the legislative process in Texas is explained in a 63 page PDF at the State of Texas website.

OMSH shares this and other information so that patients can be aware and be empowered to make informed decisions. We care about our community in Houston, dental implant procedures being properly recommended after a thorough assessment and discussion with the patient, clinical care in general for any Houston dental problems, and proper follow-up.

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