We at OMSH love sharing our knowledge and thought now would be a good time to discuss preventive care. Sure they may taste good and even give you a boost, but your favorite beverage could be wreaking havoc on your teeth as well as your health. But which are the most heinous offenders? We’ve gathered a list of them below to help you know which to avoid, or at least brush like crazy after drinking them.

1. Soda

Tooth decay is now yet another reason to avoid these calorie-laden, sugar-packed drinks. The reason they are so bad for teeth is that tooth decay thrives in an environment of sugar and acid, of which many sodas are packed with. One of the worst offenders is Sunkist, an orange-flavored soda with 40 grams of sugar per serving. A quick reminder: the average adult needs only 32 grams of sugar per day. The three most acidic sodas as judged by The Richmond Institute were: RC Cola, Cherry Coke, and regular Coke.

2. Coffee

It isn’t tough to figure a drink that is brown and hot can be a tooth killer. Coffee can also carry a decent amount of acid, and those who load it with sugar aren’t doing their teeth any favors. A few tips for those who must have coffee – dilute it with milk, don’t add sugar, and drink it through a straw to minimize contact with teeth. The same goes for espressos, cappuccinos, teas, etc.

3. Energy Drinks

Not only are they a health hazard for those who regularly drink them, but energy drinks are also full of acid and sugar, not to mention unhealthy levels of caffeine. These drinks can contain hundreds of calories, dozens of grams of sugar, and not one valuable nutrient. However, if you must have an energy drink, try Monster Lo-Carb – which only has 20 calories and 6 grams of sugar.

4. Orange Juice

Unlike the above, a glass of OJ does have vitamin C and other nutrients which can make this a tough call. However, orange juice is high on acid and sugar. But the good news is, many makers of juice have gotten the message and offer low-acid, low-sugar varieties. Other juices such as grapefruit, cranberry, apple, and others are similarly bad for teeth.

5. Pina Coladas

Enjoy getting caught in the rain more than this alcoholic drink, which is made with sugar-laden ingredients including pineapple juice, rum, and in the worst cases, ice cream. The combination of cold and sweet is a sure-fire tooth stripper. The same goes for Mudslides, milkshakes, etc.

And if you need a professional to take your teeth back to what they were before these five worst drinks, call us today or fill out this form.