We’ve previously discussed the worst drinks for your teeth and thought it would be a good time to go positive and discuss the best drinks for teeth. From standard choices to drinks you’ll never guess are easy on the teeth, they are sure to make your enamel last longer and have you taking longer breaks between teeth whitening sessions.

1. Milk – No one will be surprised this calcium rich drink that also contains protein, Vitamin D, and more is good for teeth. In skim form, milk is also low-fat and low cal. Lactose intolerant? There are many lactose-free milks that taste as good as the real thing. These types of milk also tend to have longer shelf lives. Don’t like the taste of milk? Try a flavored variety. The folks at Men’s Health voted Organic Valley Lowfat Chocolate Milk as the best choice for its low calories, fat, and high protein.

2. Real Fruit Juice – We don’t mean the stuff you find in plastic bottles usually found in the juice aisle of your grocery store. We mean those usually found in the natural/health aisle that contain actual fruits, preferably non-acidic. Apple and/or pear are good choices. So how do you know if you’re drinking real fruit juice? In addition to reading the label, if there are noticeable chunks and/or pulp in the juice, you’re drinking the real thing. Brands like POM, Lakewood Organic, and Bolthouse Farms have tons of varieties of real fruit juice.

3. Water – Those 64 ounces a day aren’t just keeping you hydrated, they’re also acting as a sort of brushing in between brushings by rinsing away residue on your teeth and gums. What kind of water is best? You may not believe this but because tap water is usually fluoridated, it is best. However, there are some bottled types that include fluoride as well as filtration systems tailored to keep it.

4. Clear tea – Again acting like water, clear teas –such as white or green – not only rinse teeth but act as a saliva stimulant, which is beneficial for teeth. However, adding lemon, sugar, or other sweetener can damage teeth. And if you love darker teas, remember that if they can stain your cups, imagine what they’ll do to your teeth. Be sure to stay away from the bottled kind, since they often contain additives not good for teeth.

5. Root Beer – We all know that soda is bad for teeth, and root beer is no exception. However, if you must have a soda, try a natural root beer. They are low in sugar and acidity that cause damage to teeth. In fact, root beer was named the safest soda by World Dental. Drink it through a straw to minimize contact with teeth.

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