Sports Dental Injury

Dental Implants After Trauma

Traumatic injuries can affect our bones, muscles, skin, and teeth. Injuries to teeth most often happen as a result of sports injuries or similar accidents. Chips make up most injuries to the teeth. More severe dental injuries include dislodged or knocked out teeth. Treatment and prognosis of the dental injury depends on several factors, such […]

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Man With Gum Pain

Who Is A Candidate For Gum Surgery?

Periodontal Surgery for Advanced Gum Problems While surgery may not be the first port of call for people with gum problems, there are those who will find this form of cosmetic treatment unavoidable. When medications and non-invasive treatments fail to work, patients will need to face the surgical option. Patients suffering from major gum recession […]

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Relaxed Patient

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Nitrous Oxide In Dental Procedures

If you are considering the services cosmetic dentistry Houston professionals are offering, one very important factor to review is the way in which patients are anesthetized. Many oral and maxillofacial surgeons rely on nitrous oxide which is commonly referred to as “laughing gas.” In spite of this name, nitrous oxide (N20) does not incite uncontrollable […]

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Woman Smiling

The Benefits Of Teeth-In-A-Day

Teeth-in-a-Day is one of the best options for people seeking dental implants Houston that don’t involve a lot of down time or a waiting period. Getting excellent, natural-looking dental replacements in one day is now possible thanks to advanced technology like the Cone Beam CT  scan and our oral surgeons’ high level of expertise. Same day tooth implants […]

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