Teeth-in-a-Day is one of the best options for people seeking dental implants Houston that don’t involve a lot of down time or a waiting period. Getting excellent, natural-looking dental replacements in one day is now possible thanks to advanced technology like the Cone Beam CT  scan and our oral surgeons’ high level of expertise. Same day tooth implants have a number of advantages, including an attractive smile, strengthening of existing teeth and improvements in facial bones.

Improved Confidence and Stronger Teeth

Missing teeth are a source of embarrassment for many people, and dental implants can make a dramatic difference in restoring that self-esteem and confidence. This condition can also weaken the underlying structure of the remaining teeth over time, similar to the pulling of tree roots. Teeth replacements provide needed support to the surrounding teeth and prevent further tooth loss in the future.

Prevention of Facial Deteriorating Problems

Missing teeth also contribute to bone weakness of the facial structure over time. Common related problems include jawbone weakening over time and eventual collapse of the facial muscles without the underlying bone structure to support them. Dental implants correct these serious issues and prevent further bone deterioration of the facial structure.

Getting tooth implants in a day alleviates all too common anxiety about the future issues that come with missing teeth. Implants also restore the mouth and face to the most natural appearance and restore confidence as well. Due to advancements in tooth replacement technology, patients no longer need to endure long procedures or wait times for the teeth implants they need. Schedule your Teeth-in-a-Day consultation today.