If you are considering the services cosmetic dentistry Houston professionals are offering, one very important factor to review is the way in which patients are anesthetized. Many oral and maxillofacial surgeons rely on nitrous oxide which is commonly referred to as “laughing gas.” In spite of this name, nitrous oxide (N20) does not incite uncontrollable laughter, however, it is capable of helping patients feel relaxed and comfortable while major dental procedures are being performed. Inhalation sedation, or the use of N20, causes a feeling of euphoria to spread throughout the entire body so that apprehension, anxiety and other negative emotions are diminished.

The Benefits of Nitrous Oxide

Inhalation sedation is highly preferred among dentists, even when providing pediatric care. N20 is safe when used properly, easy to administer and does not entail an extensive amount of recovery time. Feelings of light-headedness and euphoria should abate soon after the gas is no longer being administered. This gas is odorless, colorless and tasteless and, thus, it is not unpleasant for patients to use. For those who are afraid of the dentist and experience extreme anxiety when preparing for an essential or elective dental procedure, this is a great way to stay relaxed during treatment.

The Drawbacks and Potential Side Effects

The drawbacks of using N20 are actually quite limited. When people are over-sedated, they will often begin to feel nauseous and extremely sleepy. Over-sedation for a prolonged period can also result in the individual entering a dream state and experiencing flashbacks. When receiving inhalation sedation as part of the cosmetic dentistry Houston professionals provide, great care is taken to ensure that over-sedation does not occur. Problems concerning this type of anesthesia are statistically low.

At OMSH, your comfort and ease during dental procedures are important to us. Take a look at our Patient Comforts page for more options on oral surgery anesthesia.