Periodontal Surgery for Advanced Gum Problems

While surgery may not be the first port of call for people with gum problems, there are those who will find this form of cosmetic treatment unavoidable. When medications and non-invasive treatments fail to work, patients will need to face the surgical option. Patients suffering from major gum recession or gums pulling away from the surface of the teeth are the perfect candidates for gum surgery.

The most experienced dentists Houston has to offer will need to do a thorough examination before referring patients to periodontal surgeons. In order to figure out how far the gum has receded, a dentist will need to thoroughly clean the roots and administer antibiotics and antimicrobials in order to prevent further bacterial growth. These medications are intended to decrease the size of the loose gum pockets around the teeth. Should the treatment fail, and the gums remain loose, surgery will become a necessity.

Determining Who Needs Gum Surgery

People suffering from severe gum disease as a result of poor hygiene, or an underlying medical condition, may require gum surgery. Smokers are often at the top of the list, though, surprisingly, the list also extends to those who brush their teeth too vigorously and therefore cause extreme gum damage through being “overly hygienic.” There are also patients who suffer from genetic conditions that cause weakened or thin tissues.

The only way to establish whether or not a patient needs gum surgery is through a thorough examination by professionals. The Houston oral surgeons at OMSH are experienced and would be happy to help you. Please contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have about gum surgery.