Individuals who are considering receiving treatment with Botox injections from a local medical or dental facility are encouraged to consider the risks and side effects associated with the treatment in order to ensure that they are comfortably making an informed decision. Cosmetic dentistry Houston professionals are trained and experienced in the proper dosage and administration of the botulism toxin, however, it is encouraged for prospective patients to educate themselves about the possibility of risks associated with treatment.

Botox injections are generally harmless as long as they are administered correctly by an experienced doctor or medical professional. Patients are advised to be aware that common side effects may occur, including flu-like symptoms, headache, or swelling at the site of the injection. Light bruising may also occur. Although these symptoms are common, patient experiences vary and side effects or adverse reactions do not always occur with Botox treatments. Side effects are more likely to occur in situations where injections have been administered incorrectly with higher doses than what is generally recommended.

In situations where the Botox injections have not been placed in the correct areas during administration, it is possible for the medication to spread into the tissues beyond the target area. Under these circumstances, it is possible that visible side effects may occur. These side effects may include, but are not limited to drooping of the eyelids, excessive tearing, dryness of the eyes, an uneven smile, or the inability to move the eyebrows. These physical side effects will lessen over time as the medication administered in the injection begins to lose effect.

More serious risks are involved in circumstances where the effects provided by Botox may spread more extensively to other areas of the body and cause many of the symptoms commonly associated with a diagnosis of botulism. These symptoms can include loss of bladder control, changes in vision, difficulty breathing or swallowing, and muscle weakness throughout the body. Individuals that have recently received treatment with Botox injections and are experiencing these symptoms are advised to contact their doctor immediately for further medical attention.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised not to receive Botox injection treatments because it is not yet known how doses of the botulism toxin may affect an unborn child. Likewise, it is not yet known whether or not doses of Botox may leave traces of the botulism toxin within a nursing mother’s milk. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that some individuals will be at higher risk to experience symptoms or risks if they have a pre-existing condition that has previously made them more vulnerable.

In most cases, individuals that have been treated with Botox do not experience severe side effects or encounter risks. The key to ensuring safe treatment with Botox injections is to always receive treatment from a trustworthy medical professional. At OMSH, we provide Botox treatments and the cosmetic dentistry Houston patients can trust. We focus on giving patients the highest quality of service possible, ensuring that prospective patients can enjoy a worry-free treatment experience for all of their care needs. Contact OMSH today to ask about our Botox treatments.