Once you have reached your late teens or early twenties, you will have grown in your wisdom teeth. These teeth represent the third set of molars in the human mouth and they are the most distant of all the molars. Sometimes, these teeth are aligned when they grow in and they can be very advantageous for chewing. However, most people will have to have them removed as they grow in at an undesirable angle or even sideways. These teeth can become impacted and throw off the entire bite of a person, which can lead to many dental and medical problems down the line. For this reason, most dentists Houston patients visit will recommend that these teeth be removed before any trouble starts.

An oral surgeon can help to extract these teeth in a number of different ways. Sometimes the teeth are pulled and the patient is provided with painkillers and sent on their way. Other times, the tooth must be cut into sections in order to be removed in an easier fashion that provides less stress and pain to the patient. You will likely be offered a local anesthetic before the procedure begins in order to provide a numbing sensation to the area that is being worked. If the procedure is more in depth and all of the wisdom teeth are being removed, you will likely be prescribed a general anesthetic. This will allow you to sleep through the entire procedure. Keep in mind that you will not be able to drink or eat the morning of the procedure if this is the route that your dentist chooses to take.

The dentist will have to separate the tooth from any bone that is growing over it and may have to extract the tooth in sections. Many times, stitching is required at the end of the procedure. Your dentist will inform you if you will have to have the stitches removed. In most cases, the dentist will use stitching that will dissolve over time, saving you an extra visit. The recovery period will last several days and you will probably wish to have some pain relievers on hand. For this reason, you may want to consider booking your surgery during the upcoming holiday season. While nobody wants their holiday to be ruined by dental work, the holidays do provide a great time for recovery. You may be able to have loved ones and friends take care of you while you recover. You will also have the benefit of having time off from work or school in order to complete your recovery.

The upcoming holidays provide the perfect time to have your wisdom teeth extracted by an oral surgeon Houston can trust. Do not wait until next year to have this necessary procedure performed. Many times, medical and dental benefits will change from year to year. By having this surgery done during the holidays, you will ensure that your current medical benefits will cover the surgery. This way, you will not have any hidden costs or fees. Call OMSH today in order to set up an appointment for the upcoming holidays and be rid of your wisdom teeth before they cause you trouble.