Everyone loves a bright, white smile. It pleases us when others return our expression of happiness. That beautiful beam is only possible when we care for our teeth. Many people are aware of the value of brushing our teeth twice a day and flossing too. Do you know the importance of flossing twice a day? You must floss in order to preserve your teeth and gums. Cleaning your teeth daily with brushing and flossing removes the plaque while it is soft.

Plaque creates tartar and gum disease over time. This is a domino effect; gum disease, tooth decay, loss of teeth and bone structure. Flossing can reach places you are unable to see and your toothbrush cannot find. Tiny food bits get stuck along the gum line and teeth. The toothbrush is unable to reach all those places. Eventually the plaque buildup causes teeth to appear tarnished. In addition to the health problems it can cause, plaque can ruin your lovely smile. It can be very expensive to resolve the kind of illness and cosmetic damage plaque buildup causes. An oral surgeon Houston professional will be necessary to help you find your smile again.

Cavities are formed in between teeth when they are not cleaned correctly. The cavities can be painful and ugly. Your teeth also become sensitive to hot and cold foods and beverages. By the time plaque forms on your teeth, it starts to become hard. It cannot be removed with flossing by now, the dentist will need to remove it. Periodontal disease caused by not flossing leads to gingivitis. The gums develop a tender soreness, may bleed when brushing your teeth and impel bad breath. As the disease progresses teeth begin to retract from the gums, loosen and either come out or have to be removed. The gums are swollen, sore and bleeding. It is uncomfortable, perhaps painful to eat. An unpleasant taste develops in the mouth and bad breath is noticeable. Periodontal disease can cause bacteria to build in your mouth and potentially produce additional health problems, such as heart and diabetic ailments.

Flossing is a personal grooming activity action that the dentist can advise you in the proper technique. If you have children, they will need your assistance until they are a bit older and more coordinated. It is a good idea to introduce it to them with brushing, to get them used to both activities while they are young. Routines are hard to break, and this is a good one that could save you and your child money, time and pain.

Certain situations require an oral surgeon in Houston to operate. Replacing broken or extracted teeth due to periodontal disease is one reason. If teeth have not been brushed and flossed daily, gum disease can cause tooth loss. Extreme situations can account for bone loss. Seeing your dentist regularly can prevent the kind of complications described here. If however, you find your self in need of an oral surgeon Houston has the most compassionate and caring oral surgeons at OMSH.

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