Those who have regular problems with mild to moderate sleep apnea may seriously want to consider the Pillar Procedure. Studies have shown that it has been effective in approximately 80% of all patients; what is more, the results are sustainable long-term. This means that a person who has the Pillar Procedure will not need further treatment or surgical intervention in the future.

What is Pillar Surgery?

One of the main causes of sleep apnea (and snoring) is overly relaxed muscles at the back of the throat, with the primary one being the Soft Palate. Pillar surgery involves placing small polyester rods in the soft palate; these rods then harden and reduce the vibration of the tissue at the back of the throat.

This form of surgery is quite safe. It only involves the use of local anesthesia and can be completed in twenty minutes to half an hour. There is no prolonged recovery time; in fact, many people who have this form of surgery are able to eat and speak normally the very same day. Follow-up visits to the doctor are not needed, unless the Pillar Procedure is being done in combination with other forms of treatment (i.e. a rhinoplasty) for treating upper airway blockages.

How to Get Pillar Surgery

While it is not hard to find a local oral surgeon Houston offers that expertly does this type of procedure, it is important to take the time to pick the right one. A person may want to contact a number of surgeons and see which one has the most experience, best track record and best prices. Those who have health insurance should also check with their insurance provider to ensure that the surgeon of their choice is approved by the insurance agency.

A good oral surgeon will always do a full length examination and consultation before performing surgery. While this form of surgery is safe for almost everyone, it may not be a good option for pregnant mothers, those who are very overweight and individuals who are taking certain forms of medication. What is more, sleep apnea can have more than one cause and a thorough examination will enable a doctor to determine if Pillar surgery on its own will be sufficient or not.

The Benefits

There are many benefits of treating sleep apnea. Doing so will enable a person to sleep more comfortably than before, which will in turn give a person energy to work, exercise and handle a regular workload during the day. Curing sleep apnea via the Pillar Procedure can also help to eliminate snoring, which enables one’s partner to sleep well at night. However, the most important reason to have this form of surgery is the fact that not getting enough oxygen at night can cause serious health problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Sleep apnea is a difficult condition to live with. Thankfully, it can in many cases be cured via the Pillar Procedure. Anyone who would like to know if he or she is a good candidate for this form of surgery should contact a local oral surgeon Houston offers, schedule an appointment and have a thorough examination before setting a date for the surgery. Call OMSH today!