Most people assume when teeth first grow in, they are in perfect condition. This is not always the case. New teeth can appear that they already show signs of decay. There can be a number of reasons for this problem.

The most common reason for new teeth needing attention from an oral surgeon is the use of antibiotics. While antibiotics are a popular, useful form of treatment for a variety of medical issues, the drugs can destroy teeth before the teeth have even erupted.

Antibiotics can cause babies and toddlers to grow teeth that are already ruined. However, antibiotics can be harmful to wisdom teeth, too. If you have taken courses of antibiotics for any type of illness or infection, you may need to see an oral surgeon Houston residents prefer to see as soon as your wisdom teeth appear. If you have not yet experienced problems with your teeth, discuss your concern with your doctor when he prescribes antibiotics.

Tooth decay can also affect wisdom teeth that have not yet erupted. This is especially a problem if decayed teeth have not been pulled, and you have developed gum disease. Allowing gum disease to go untreated is not the way to develop healthy wisdom teeth. You may need to have them removed as soon as they appear.

Hormones can also play a role in wisdom teeth that do not grow in a healthy condition. While the teeth and gums are especially susceptible to problems during pregnancy, the use of birth control pills that contain hormones can also lead to dental problems. If you are either pregnant or using birth control pills regularly, you may see the effects in your new wisdom teeth.

If a tooth or a wisdom tooth has grown in rotted, do not expect it to change and do not wait for it to fall out. This will only give the rotten tooth the opportunity to affect other teeth in your mouth. You could end up having many teeth pulled instead of only one. A rotten tooth is much more serious than a tooth that is simply discolored.

A tooth that has grown in already rotted needs immediate attention from your dentist. The smartest approach is to take your dental issue to an oral surgeon Houston residents trust. If the tooth must come out, it can be dealt with in the easiest, most painless way possible. The short period of time it takes to have the procedure performed by an oral surgeon can save your other teeth.

These are some of the most common reasons a tooth may need to be removed as soon as it erupts through the gums. You should not take chances with your oral health, or risk further complications by waiting to see what happens. Although a rotted tooth is not an emergency, you do need professional care as soon as possible.

Prompt treatment can preserve your other teeth, reduce the risk of complications, and help you stay healthy. As soon as you realize a problem exists, contact an oral surgeon Houston area residents trust for treatment.

Contacting OMSH, or Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of Houston is encouraged in treating promptly any tooth decay you may have.