fb057850b7814dbfa44d5cbef6904363The face is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the personality of any human being and it is not only related to the general aesthetic appeal of the person but it is a window into the personality of individuals. However, it is important to point out that the tissues of the face are softer than the tissue in the rest of the body and are susceptible to damage that can disfigure the face of anyone due to traumatic injuries that can take place.

How many times have you seen a boxer or any other sportsman for that matter get his face disfigured due to a nasty impact injury? In the same way, plenty of people who are non-sportsmen can also suffer from soft tissue injuries to the face that can completely change how they appear. It is important for anyone with an afflicted face to get in touch with a qualified maxillofacial surgeon, such as those in our office, so that the tissues can be repaired and the face is restored to its former condition.

Reasons for Such Injuries

There are plenty of reasons why such an injury to the soft tissue might take place. One of the most widespread reasons for soft facial tissue injuries is the strain that gets exerted on the tissues from time to time. An abrupt stretching of the muscles and tendons of the face which usually occurs in many types of injuries can result in extreme straining of the tissues which can lead to long term soft tissue injuries. Most people who have suffered from soft tissue injuries to their face have been diagnosed with excessive strain applied to the tissues at different points of their lives and more often than not, the best way of going about treating the injuries is by getting in touch with a qualified maxillofacial surgeon, who will be able to get to the root of the problem and get the whole thing sorted in the best possible way.

On the other hand, other than extreme strain there are other major reasons behind facial soft tissue injuries as well; two of the most common among them are sprains and bruises. Severe bruising of the face can lead to long term facial soft tissue injuries and is considered one of the most common ways in which one can develop such an injury; however it is something that can be properly taken care of by an expert. A sprain on the other hand is caused by extreme stretching in the muscles that can lead to the snapping of the soft tissues of the face and in turn would to injuries that can take quite a while to completely heal.


Needless to say, plenty of rest is one of the preconditions for successful treatment of injured facial soft tissue. Anyone suffering from it should not exert himself in any way throughout the duration of the treatment. Other than that, an expert would usually recommend surgery if the damage is extensive; however it is also important to point out that in less severe cases a bandage holding together the injured areas for a specified period of time is often the most effective treatment.

However, if surgery is indeed needed then it is necessary to get hold of an experienced maxillofacial surgeon, such as those in our office, so that the entire situation can be judged in the best possible way and a course of action can then be charted by the expert.

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