A woman suffering from to much stress causing her to grind her teeth. Many people do not realize the damage that stress can do to their teeth. Not only does it lower their immune system, putting them at risk for various oral health diseases, including periodontitis, but it can also cause a person to grind or clench their jaws, which can wreak havoc on their back teeth, causing them to become misshapen, cracked, or ground down. Rather than causing unnecessary damage to your teeth, requiring you to need oral surgery, tooth replacements or other invasive procedures, learn the techniques to lower your stress levels.

Take a Deep Breath

Stop and relax once in a while – especially when the going gets tough. Everything will pass with time and stressing about it will not do your physical or oral health any good. Rather than dwelling on what is wrong, take a deep breath and focus on what is right in your life right now. Stay focused on the present, do not worry about the past or fret about the future. You will only force yourself to go to bed stressed and angry, putting yourself at risk for tooth grinding, TMJ, and the potential need for tooth replacement in the future.

Practice Stress Reducing Techniques

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and participate in one of the many stress reducing techniques such as yoga or meditation. If you are not the type of person to participate in these activities, try just enjoying the summer air by taking a nice long walk or hike. It is amazing what the benefits of nature can do for you. These stress reducing techniques will have a direct impact on your oral health, so they are well worth practicing.

With lower stress levels, you are better able to fight off infection in your mouth, tooth decay, and even gum disease. In addition, people that are in a better frame of mind are more likely to take good care of their oral health, which has a direct impact on the procedures you need in the future.

Talk to a Professional

If your stress is out of control and you are told that your oral health is a mess, it is best to get professional help. If you are grinding your teeth or cannot get your gum disease under control, you could be at risk for needing tooth replacements or have to deal with many oral health complications in the future. Getting professional help to manage your stress will have a positive impact on many areas of your life, including your oral health; it is well worth the time and effort involved in getting this type of help.

Eat a Healthy Diet

It goes without saying that a healthy diet can have a direct impact on your oral health. Avoiding processed foods and sugar will decrease your risk for tooth decay and gum disease, both of which can cause eventual tooth loss. A healthy diet also helps you to process stress better, allowing you to feel better in the long run.

If you are having a hard time managing your stress, come talk to us about ways that we can help. If you are grinding your teeth, a mouth guard may be helpful. If you have oral health issues that have occurred as a result of your stress, we can help you fix them and then help you find ways to eliminate the stress so the issues do not come back. Stress is extremely damaging to many areas of your life – don’t let it ruin yours!

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