dental mouth guardDid you know that April is National Facial Protection Month? It makes sense – the weather is getting warmer and we are all anxious to get outside and enjoy our favorite activities.

Unfortunately, after months of being cooped up indoors, we sometimes suffer injuries when we first get back to out there, so it is important that we take precautions to keep your face and mouth safe.

The Academy for Sports Dentistry has released five tips for avoiding facial injuries. Follow these guidelines to avoid a problem this spring:

  • Use a mouth guard in contact sports. Whether you are playing lacrosse, baseball, football, or any other contact sport, you’ll need to wear a mouth guard. This little piece of protective gear is much cheaper than the cost you’d pay to repair an injury to your mouth, and your dentist can make a specialized guard just for you.
  • Always wear a helmet. A helmet can absorb the energy of a blow to your head or face, helping to prevent damage and both long- and short-term injuries.
  • Use protective eyewear. The eyes are especially vulnerable when you are playing sports. Whether you are concerned about being hit in the face or dust or some other type of debris flying into your eye, protective goggles or glasses are essential.
  • Wear a face shield. Face shields can protect your face from bruises, scratches, and blows to the mouth that could affect your teeth.
  • Require protective gear in team sports. If you are in charge of any youth sports teams, like baseball or rugby, make sure that it is mandatory for all participants to wear protective face gear.

Do you have additional questions about how to keep your face safe? Contact our dental office today. The health of your mouth could depend on it.