A close up of a patients sinuses suffering from pain. Ah, the first signs of spring have sprung and you have never been happier to be outside. After a long and boring winter you are ready for nature hikes, bike rides and gardening. Only, suddenly your sinuses do not agree.

You suffer with sinus infections all throughout the spring and into the summer, but something else has got you worried.

Chronic tooth pain. Your back molars must be infected with cavities for there is no way that such a pain could otherwise be possible. So, you do what any reasonable and responsible adult would do – you schedule an appointment to have the teeth filled.

Only, to your dismay, after multiple x-rays your dentist reports back that your teeth are in excellent condition. Wait, what? How could this be? So, what then is causing all of this pain and pressure, you ask your dentist. “Pressure?” he responds.

A few more x-rays later and you are informed that your sinuses are not only small, but inflamed. The result being tooth pain and pressure. Mind blown.

Sinus Pain and Tooth Pain

So, now you know – believe it or not there is a direct connection between your sinuses hurting and tooth pain. So, what can you do if you are suffering from both? First and foremost, you should try saline nasal sprays. Saline will help to clear the sinuses and relieve pressure that may be causing your tooth pain.

Next, it is a good idea to visit an ear, nose and throat doctor to look further into why you are experiencing issues with your sinuses. He/she may be able to offer you options that can reduce sinus pain and inflammation and in turn relieve your tooth pressure and pain.

When your sinuses hurt, your teeth can too – it’s a fact.

So please, if you teeth are hurting from sinus pain contact our office today!