dental-implant-diagramIf you are considering dental implants, your dental care professional may have suggested that you need a sinus lift. If you are unsure what this procedure entails, it can be a frightening and confusing proposition. Here is some information on the procedure to help clear things up.

The Sinus Lift Procedure

A sinus lift is a surgery designed to supplement the bone in your upper jaw. This is necessary in situations where you may need a dental implant but you do not have enough bone in your jaw to hold it.

During the procedure, the surgical specialist will take bone and add it to the area of your maxillary sinuses on each side of the nose. To make room for the additional bone, your surgeon will lift the sinus membrane upward, hence the term “sinus lift.”

Reasons to Get a Sinus Lift

Getting a sinus lift is necessary when you have lost significant amounts of bone (or you never had that much to begin with). Bone loss can be the outcome of a number of different conditions. For example, if you suffer from gum disease, in its advanced stages this can cause your jawbone to begin to deteriorate.

Another thing that can lead to bone loss is the loss of one or more of your teeth. After a tooth comes out, the jawbone slowly begins to be absorbed by the body. Sometimes, although you may not have suffered bone loss, your sinuses may simply be located too close to your jaw to allow adequate space for dental implants.

Regardless of the reason for your inadequate bone, if you are planning on getting dental implants and there is not enough bone to accept the implant, you may a candidate for a sinus lift. Contact our office about it, and we can help you explore your options.