Wondering how many student athletes in the US could use dental implants? Since over 5 million teeth are lost or broken each year due to overall sports participation1, we have a pretty good indication that the need is great. All contact sport athletes, especially students, should remain diligent about protecting their teeth and overall dental health.

Dental Implants: Offer a Viable Option

A minor accident in a game can lead to the loss of one or more teeth, which is why mouth guards are required. In fact, students who lack this basic piece of equipment are twice as likely to suffer a dental injury. For this reason, parents and students alike need to ensure players always use a mouth guard. However, in the event a severe injury does occur and a tooth is avulsed, dental implants may be the recommended solution depending on student age and dental situation.

Provide More Than Just a Great Smile

Many patients assume a dental implant is designed to simply improve the appearance of the mouth, yet this isn’t the case. When a tooth is lost and the space remains empty, bone loss in the jaw may occur, especially in young students that are still growing and developing. Additionally, other teeth in the mouth may shift as a result of the missing tooth. With the help of dental implants, both of these issues are resolved or prevented, along with numerous others. Dental implants also allow patients and athletes alike to speak and eat normally again.

Once placed, the implant integrates with the jawbone, and no adjacent teeth have to be altered to accommodate the implant. As implants can last a lifetime, once a student athlete receives them, it’s just as imperative to continue wearing mouth guards and maintaining overall oral health.

Seek the BEST Treatment Providers

It’s also important for parents of student athletes to consult with an oral maxillofacial surgeon, like those of OMSH, to learn more about how to prevent facial dental trauma and other sports-related injuries to the mouth. Implants are a viable option for a single tooth replacement, or when multiple teeth have been damaged beyond repair. Moreover, our OMSH specialists can also offer other options depending on the extent of the injury, as well as, which option would provide the best solution for restoring full functioning of the mouth, and facial aesthetics.

In the event a student sustains dental and oral trauma during sports, parents should seek treatment immediately, as prompt treatment greatly reduces the risk of additional damage and exacerbation. Call OMSH at 832-509-4505 for an appointment, and for more information.

1 Online Source: https://www.dentalcare.com/en-us/professional-education/ce-courses/ce127/statistics