It’s not uncommon for patients to avoid having proper dental care and surgical procedures performed due to the misunderstandings associated with dental implant costs. However, the experienced oral surgeons of OMSH will work with patients to, not only focus-in on their immediate dental care needs, but to also consult with them about today’s options for financing dental implant procedures. If you’re wondering about dental implant costs, the information provided below may help keep you from further putting off any needed dental care procedures.

Know the Variables Surrounding Dental Implant Cost

At OMSH (Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons of Houston), we understand that dental implants are an investment in your overall health, appearance, and ultimately your life. The costs associated with an implant investment involve maintaining the integrity of your natural facial structure, in addition to replacing missing teeth. There are many variables pertaining to treatment costs, including the number of teeth that need replacement, the kind of implant needed- including size, design type, and material make-up, as well as possible added procedures that may be required to achieve the best possible results. As every situation is unique and costs can widely vary, in order to obtain the most accurate dental implant costs for your specific situation, it’s best to contact us to schedule an examination and consult with one of our surgical specialists.

Understand Treatment Options

What is available to each patient will solely depend on that patient’s situation. There are other options in addition to dental implants that can be considered. The two most common options when replacing a single missing tooth are the tooth-supported bridge and an implant-supported crown. Due to the many variables and additional costs associated with bridges, many patients quickly learn that dental implants are substantially better in the long-run, from an oral health, and overall financial standpoint.

When it comes to implants, there are advanced options. For example, if several teeth need to be replaced, the experienced surgeons of OMSH will work with you to identify the best treatment options for your specific needs, such as Teeth-In-A-Day, or All-On-4 implant options, that can be more cost effective and save you time. Since each patient is different, it is vital that you discuss your treatment options during a consultation with them prior to making any decisions.

Be Aware of Finance Options

Fortunately, it appears that several insurance plans are now covering dental implant costs more frequently through certain dental plans. However, many will cover up to a certain amount for oral surgeries.

Patients should stay mindful that policies do differ, and the amount of the available benefits can be directly related to the amount of premiums paid. It helps to confirm which plans cover dental implants and other oral surgeries, and to what degree. For those who have time to save for a procedure, HSA or FSA account plans work well as they allow patients an ability to save over a period of time to cover out-of-pocket costs.

Our OMSH insurance specialist will contact your insurance carrier to see what oral surgery benefits you may be entitled to. Most patients however, utilize credit cards, interest-free credit cards and special loan options to cover these expenses through payment plans.

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