Since it is rare that most people undergo any type of oral surgery, it’s important to review the steps for oral surgery recovery before a procedure. Whether it’s a simple extraction or a dental implant surgery, it’s always best to prepare a recovery plan, and understand how to promote excellent healing after any procedure. Below, are tips and strategies patients should always consider after a procedure in order to maximize recovery.

Take the Surgeon’s Advice

OMSH will provide you with a copy of post-operative instructions to follow, as well as a follow-up appointment. Always be prepared and proactive. This means following all instructions to the letter. For example, having food and drink items on hand that will be easy to consume after a procedure is extremely helpful. Soft foods and gentle liquids using spoons will be recommended, as you will NOT be able to use straws for several days. If possible, obtain all required medications prior to the procedure, or have someone else pick them up for you if they can’t be obtained in advance. Use ice packs to reduce swelling after a procedure.

Don’t Overexert Yourself

It’s also important to plan on resting and taking a break from your normal activities for a while, as rest aids in recovery. Far too many patients tend to do too much following an oral procedure. As a rule, rest is important to prevent complications and promote healing. Depending on the nature of the procedure, two to five days of rest is generally sufficient. Special precautions may be necessary when you’ve had dental implants; however, the oral surgeons of OMSH will provide detailed aftercare instructions.

Take the Full Course of Prescribed Medications

When antibiotics or other medications are prescribed, be sure to follow the instructions. Generally, it’s important to take the full course of medications to ensure the best results. Most patients will have jaw and gum pain during oral surgery recovery; however, surgeons will prescribe the best-suited pain medication for you to help alleviate discomfort while your mouth is healing. Take those medications on schedule to stay ahead of the pain.

Don’t Make Your Own Assumptions

Before and after any procedure, it pays to take time to understand your oral surgeon’s recovery protocols. OMSH doctors and staff will review recovery instructions with you, and it pays to retain all written instructions to review later. Before and immediately after a procedure, you may be distracted and unable to grasp all the nuances of the instructions. As such, it’s best to have someone with you while the surgeon is reviewing aftercare protocols. This way, you avoid misunderstanding their recommendations.

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