Oral surgeons carry out dental extractions every day. Some patients assume this procedure is much like having a cavity treated; however, it’s important to understand that certain steps must be taken following an extraction. When a patient follows the after-care instructions provided by the dental specialists of OMSH in Houston, he or she is less likely to experience complications, and the recovery period tends to be shorter. Read on to learn about the 5 must-dos following dental extractions.

Step #1 Manage Discomfort

First off, it’s important to control any discomfort associated with tooth extractions. OMSH surgeons will recommend appropriate OTC medications or prescribed recommended medications to help maintain pain management during the recovery process. Depending on the extent of oral surgery, it may be recommended to begin taking the medication before the dental anesthesia wears off, and continue taking it as recommended. Doing so helps to ensure the pain is managed and won’t become overwhelming.

Step #2 Get Proper Rest

Immediately following an oral surgery procedure, patients are encouraged to rest. Exercise and general physical activities should be avoided for at least 24 hours following a tooth extraction, or longer depending on the nature of the procedure. OMSH specialists will recommend the appropriate amount of rest needed in order for patients to heal. Vigorous activities will only complicate the healing process.

Step #3 Know the Limitations

There are also limitations that must be considered after tooth extractions. It’s important to refrain from alcohol and other drugs. Smoking is a huge “No-No”! Irritants in cigarette smoke can interfere with the healing process. Similar to using a straw and spitting, the act of smoking, which requires forcing smoke into the mouth through the cigarette, could dislodge the natural blood clots that have been formed. Therefore, smoking, using straws, and spitting are prohibited for a period of time, as a condition known as dry socket may develop when clots are dislodged. This delays healing, and causes infection and extreme pain.

Step #4 Follow General Recovery Instructions

It’s vital to take care and ensure the site doesn’t undergo any additional trauma following a dental extraction. OMSH surgeons provide their patients with important post-operative instructions that should be followed to promote healing. Basic directions like keeping the site clean at all times, and using an antiseptic rinse medication to help prevent infection should be followed.

Step #5 Follow Up as Needed

In rare cases, a patient could develop complications and experience abnormal situations during the healing and recovery process. As such, it’s best to contact the oral surgeon right away. Depending on the type of tooth extractions performed, oral maxillofacial surgeons may recommend a patient follow-up appointment.

At OMSH, we provide every patient with: oral surgery recovery post-op instructions

If there are any questions regarding these instructions, don’t hesitate to call. Oral surgeons deal with complex cases each day, which is why many dentists refer patients to our highly trained dental specialists.

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