Dental implants often provide a more permanent and effective solution for patients who are missing teeth than traditional dentures and dental bridges.  Those who are missing most of, or all, their upper or lower teeth may find that replacing all their teeth with individual implants is simply not as cost-effective as opting for an All-on-4 implant solution.

While dental implants may not be a viable solution for every single patient who is missing teeth, the many who are found eligible have a great opportunity to regain an awesome smile. Recent developments in dental technology have allowed dentists to fabricate more effective dentures that can be held in place using just four implants.  The following discusses six insightful ways that All-on-4 implants are better than dentures.

Immediate Results

Patients who choose to take advantage of the All-on-4 implant solution can replace their old, uncomfortable and ineffective dentures with a permanent implant-supported bridge in just one day.  This allows them to restore normal chewing and speech patterns soon after they’ve recovered from the procedure; and there’s no need for temporary dentures or constant refitting.

Improved Appearance

Because experienced oral maxillofacial surgeons understand that this option utilizes full advanced dental implant technology, the procedure can help patients preserve their jawbones and prevent the deterioration of facial structure that is all-too-often the result of missing teeth. Through decreasing the wrinkles and sunken appearance of a patient’s cheeks, All-on-4 implants can significantly improve one’s appearance by effectively taking years off the face.

Eat a Larger Variety of Foods

Removable dentures can make it difficult for patients to chew many of the foods they love the most; and even those foods they’re allowed to eat can cause embarrassing situations in public when those dentures fall out.  All-on-4 implant systems are far more stable, and durable, compared to traditional dentures, making it easy for patients to enjoy and appreciate their most favorite foods. Furthermore, even raw fruits and veggies can be enjoyed once again with no fear of damaging dentures, gums, or causing an embarrassing scene.

A Permanent Solution

Dentures must be refitted and replaced frequently in order to accommodate changes in patients’ jaw structures due to bone deterioration. Since the All-on-4 system prevents this deterioration from occurring, and are installed on permanent dental implants, they can last a lifetime without the need for refitting or replacement.

Easy to Care For

Traditional dentures require a good deal of care and maintenance to keep them functioning properly and looking good. However, All-on-4 implants only require daily brushing and flossing, as one would do with their natural teeth and daily oral health care.  Of course, patients must also make appointments with their dental practitioner to ensure that their new prosthetic teeth are well-maintained, and that their gums remain healthy and clean.

Diminish Health Concerns

The use of dentures to replace missing teeth can leave patients at elevated risks of developing periodontal disease, a serious gum disease that is known to contribute to the development of conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke among others.  Since dental implants restore patients’ mouths to a more natural state, they may, with adequate daily oral hygiene care, help to fend off periodontal disease.

Connecting with OMSH

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