It’s very embarrassing to have one or more missing or failing teeth. However, you may be even more embarrassed if you have failing dental implants. If you’re in this kind of situation, smiling may be difficult because you don’t want others to see the problem. Even more, you may be hesitant about meeting new people. Likewise, there are those who find yourself losing out on great career opportunities because they don’t smile. And unfortunately, when you’re embarrassed about your teeth, others may perceive you as unfriendly and unapproachable.

However, high-quality dental implants offer a viable and permanent solution for replacing missing or failing teeth because they look so natural, and help restore the bone structure of your face, while also bringing back that confident smile. Most importantly, it’s imperative to connect with an OMS or oral maxillofacial surgeon. Fortunately, they will ensure that your dental implants are done right the first time! Why choose this type of dental surgeon as opposed to a regular dentist? Read on to learn the vital benefits of working with a highly-trained oral maxillofacial surgeon.

Specialized Training

Oral maxillofacial surgeons undergo additional training above and beyond what general dentists complete. These surgeons must also complete surgical and anesthesia training in a hospital after they complete graduate school. This added schooling becomes of immense help during the implant process should an unexpected event take place. These surgeons are trained to deal with various situations during surgery. For instance, they can respond quickly to minimize risks or complications. And most importantly, they will place your implants correctly the first time! While a general dentist can handle many situations, their training doesn’t permit the administration of anesthesia and facial surgery. As such, this kind of training and knowledge can be important and vital in a crisis.

Knowledge of the Dental and Facial Bone Structures

As part of their training, oral surgeons learn about the muscles, nerves, bone, and skin of the face, and this can be important when having a dental implant. Osseointegration is the process in which the implant fuses with your jaw bone. Without this integration, the implant could slip, and the natural bone loss seen with missing teeth would continue. Furthermore, this additional training allows oral maxillofacial surgeons to better design teeth to blend in and appear completely natural. They also understand how the different elements of the face work together to provide a cohesive and natural aesthetic appearance. Overall, this is of great benefit during the procedure.


Dental implants, as with any surgery, can lead to complications. Even for those individuals who breeze through the procedure with ease, may find they have some pain, swelling, and other aftereffects of the implant surgery during the healing process. These specialized oral surgeons work to keep pain at zero, and the recovery time is shorter. Implants with OMS surgeons provides nearly 100% success rates, and they will last over 50 years with correct installation! The skill and training of the oral surgeon plays a crucial role in successful results, and most of the dental implants placed years ago by these surgeons continue to function without problems today.

What Choosing OMSH Can Mean for You

Can you imagine eating any healthy or crunchy food you desire without worry, and experiencing a life where you feel confident with your smile, without needing to cover your mouth every time you laugh? It is very possible with the help of dental implants from OMSH in Houston. When it comes to implants, they won’t negatively impact adjacent teeth as cumbersome bridges and other treatment options can. In addition, eating, talking, and smiling comes naturally, and you never have to worry that implants will slip like dentures tend to do.

Best of all, when your dental implants are installed with the professional team of dental surgeons at OMSH, you’ll look and feel younger again, without the hassle of having to go to another dental practitioner to perform corrective surgery! With experienced OMS surgeons, it’s done right the first time, every time.

To contact an oral maxillofacial surgeon in Houston and learn more about the procedure, what it involves, and how it will be of benefit to you, connect with OMSH, the Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons of Houston. You won’t regret your decision when you see how great you look and feel with your results! Call 832-509-4505 for an appointment.