Of all the innovative technological advancements in dentistry over the last 50 years, dental implants have been the most significant. Fully developed in the 1950s, implants have forever changed the dental care industry. The following article lists the top 5 reasons why dental implants are a great investment. So, smile as you read on to learn more.

#1 They Prevent Dental Bone Loss

When you have missing teeth or experience trauma to your mouth, your dental bone will start deteriorating if teeth aren’t replaced quickly. The absence of teeth in the gums and jawline causes loss of bone mass and weakening. This can also lead to other oral health complications.

However, dental implants function like natural teeth. Once an implant is installed, dental bone fuses with the implant and starts to strengthen instead. Having all your teeth enables a pressure balance in your mouth to create equal chewing force. This ultimately preserves and strengthens bone and the other tissues surrounding each tooth.

#2 They Help You Look Fabulous

What makes dental implants totally worth the investment is the immediate results you see in a beautifully restored smile. Implants provide a natural fit and fusion with dental bone and surrounding tissues, and this maintains your youthful facial features.  When you look and feel great on the outside, your self-confidence increases, which also helps increase attraction. Even more, you won’t be able to deny the professional and social perks that come with a wonderful smile.

#3 They Function Much Better than Dentures

As any denture wearer will attest, having an ill-fitting appliance is the stuff of nightmares. Whether too big or too small, dentures cause serious aesthetic problems and have added costs to their upkeep. Furthermore, you’re limited to what you can eat with dentures and partials, and you’re stuck to cumbersome high-maintenance care. Who needs that?

With dentures, gums will eventually shrink or swell over the years due to irritation, plaque, and other oral problems. Therefore, some denture wearers struggle with slurred or mumbled speech. Since implants naturally fuse with bone, you can speak with total confidence and without concern over slipping teeth.

Dental implants are so close to natural teeth that they’re almost indistinguishable as far as appearance and function are concerned. As you care for your natural teeth, you also care for the implants with easy maintenance. In the end, you deserve the best and implants offer a superior alternative to partials and dentures.

#4 They Are Surprisingly Affordable

Gone are the days when patients worried about paying large amounts of cash to cover the cost of implants. These days, with so many payment plan options, insurance options, and implant quality and affordability, there is no reason not to consider the possibilities.

What most people don’t realize is that the overall cost of implants can be thousands less than what they would spend on other procedures and options over time. This is due to the fact that once you have dental implants installed, you won’t need to replace or have work done on that tooth again. Implants have an impressive success rate of up to 98+%, and they last a long time.

#5 They Provide Life-Long Enjoyment

The benefits of having dental implants cannot be denied or ignored. The surgical procedure is completely painless, and the results are phenomenal yet natural at the same time. The last top reason for having implants is that you’ll get to enjoy them for the rest of your life. Imagine for the next 50+ years that…

  • You always have a wonderful confident smile
  • You’re able to speak and communicate clearly
  • You look younger than your age
  • You feel great because you have healthy teeth and gums (with continued proper care)
  • And… You get to enjoy your favorite crunchy and crispy foods

This is what implants can offer you.

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