Wondering what oral maxillofacial surgeons do? Outside of providing professionally placed dental implants and performing common oral surgeries, there’s so much more that they do. Dental emergencies are often sudden and more serious than bleeding gums or chipped teeth. So, for serious dental issues, it’s important to find a dental practitioner who specializes in conditions of the jaws, face, and mouth. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) offers that and much more! Below, is your opportunity to learn how oral maxillofacial surgeons’ capabilities can go way beyond implants. Read on to see what we mean.

Understanding Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

This type of surgery involves treating conditions of the jawbone, teeth, head, neck, and face. In most cases, patients need surgery to replace missing or damaged teeth, but there are other reasons as well. For instance, if you developed a tumor or cyst in your mouth, you may need to have it surgically removed. An oral maxillofacial surgeon treats a wide range of oral, dental, and facial conditions, some of which are more dangerous than others. Most of these surgeries are conducted in major hospitals, while some of the more minor procedures are done in the surgeon’s office. This unique form of surgery goes beyond just dentistry, yet it can include dentistry.

Understanding What These Surgeons Do

Since OMSs are dual-licensed as medical and dental practitioners, their training is quite extensive. Working with an OMS means your surgeon can safely and effectively administer anesthesia for a variety of surgeries. Oral and maxillofacial specialists also typically do more emergency work than general dentists. For example, patients that suffer injuries in sporting or auto accidents need immediate care will see an OMS.

Beyond Dental Implants & Surgery

On top of that, these surgeons can provide exceptional general dental care, while also treating a range of illnesses and injuries of the mouth, jaw, face, and neck. Are you dealing with obstructive sleep apnea? OMSs can treat that as well! Or, what if you’d like some aesthetic and cosmetic facial treatments to enhance that beautiful new smile? Some oral maxillofacial surgeons will also perform in-office cosmetic procedures like Botox and facial fillers to help compliment dental implants!

Take the First Step to Exceptional Care

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are some of the most skilled doctors and dentists in the world. They are able to treat many illnesses and injuries, while also performing various in-office cosmetic procedures. They are trained to work capably in both emergency and controlled situations, and usually choose a specialization. When you work with an OMS, you’re always assured of being in good hands.

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