Dental implants have been hailed as medical marvels since their introduction onto the scene of restorative dentistry. There’s no doubt that dental implants have increased in popularity and will remain the best option for replacing teeth. As a result, the number of implant design innovations and techniques for implantation have also increased.

Happening Now in Implant Technology

Dental practitioners and engineers continuously work to advance technology in the realm of implant construction and materials.  Their goal is to keep advancing dental implants as the most realistic option for replacing missing or damaged teeth.

Part of what makes new dental implants superior to earlier varieties is the introduction of new materials. Modern titanium components are responsible for providing implant strength. Even more, this high-quality metal significantly helps promote osseointegration, where your jawbone naturally fuses with the implant.

New zirconium dioxide abutments offer another improvement by removing the ‘metal show’ of the implant in the gums. Zirconium-made abutments and implant connections provide a perfectly matched look to your natural tooth color.

Bone Grafting Advancements

One of the main challenges faced by dental implant patients is the potential for bone loss during the healing process. Then there are those patients who do not have enough jaw bone for the surgery to begin with. Today’s bone grafting technology creates a more solid base for the implant to stabilize within the jaw. This is accomplished simply by transferring developed bone from another part of your body to the insufficient area. You should also know that this procedure isn’t for everyone. Therefore, it’s best that you consult with an oral maxillofacial surgeon to determine what will work best.

Utilizing Computer Technology

If you’re like most patients, you already know how much computer-assisted manufacturing has greatly improved the quality of replacement teeth. Yet, 3D printing’s most promising applications appear to be geared towards the replacement of bone loss for patients needing grafting. Current treatment developments involve a combination of polymers and bioactive material used to create grafts. These graphs are made to measure based on the amount of bone loss a patient has experienced.

Improvement in the design of implants has been heavily influenced by the introduction of computer-aided design and manufacturing. In the past, patients had to wait a long time between having the extraction and getting the implant installed. However, today’s computer-designed teeth are ready to be implanted immediately upon extraction and provide near-perfect replicas of your original teeth. With the help of advanced digital technology, you can have procedures like Teeth-in-a-Day or All-on-4 performed in a single visit.

Working with the Professionals of OMSH

As implant technology and dental surgery techniques continue to improve, modern advancements have caused patients to adjust to the procedure a lot easier and faster. In fact, many patients having had implants will tell you that the healing process is practically free of unpleasant symptoms.

There’s no doubt that dental implants and technology for implantation will continue to advance and remain the best option for replacing teeth. As such, if you’re considering implant surgery, it’s best to work with experienced and professional practitioners.

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