Many dental patients have a real concern when it comes to receiving general anesthesia. In fact, there are patients who will only have oral surgery if the surgeon agrees to “knock them out”. Then there are others who will not go to a dental practitioner at all because they’re overly concerned about anesthesia. Well, here at OMSH, we’ve provided this article to help remove the fear that some patients have about dental procedures.

The Real FEAR

The number one reason patients fear dental procedures is due to the horror stories they’ve heard about pain and discomfort. Yet, this is far from the common reality of dental and oral surgery outcomes. And it’s especially true when you choose to have an oral procedure done by an experienced oral maxillofacial surgeon. The dental practitioners of OMSH are highly-trained medical and oral surgeons. This means they’re skilled and specially-licensed to administer general anesthesia to perform various oral, jaw, and facial surgeries.

As a dual-licensed practitioner, they specialize in performing complicated and extensive dental and medical surgeries of the face. In actuality, oral maxillofacial surgeons are the ONLY dental practitioners who can administer anesthesia of any kind to dental patients.

The Real COMFORT Behind General Anesthesia

Because the dental practitioners of OMSH are highly-trained to administer anesthesia, you can rest assured that you’re in expert care. Prior to any oral surgery, they consult with you to determine if IV sedation is necessary and if it’s right for you. Though there are various reasons patients would consider general anesthesia, it’s not the only solution and it isn’t for everyone. However, as part of a strict practice, the surgeons will consistently monitor patient vitals when they utilize IV sedation. This will ensure that patients remain safe during various dental surgeries.

The comfort of general anesthesia is that you are unaware of the surgery. You are completely comfortable and you don’t feel anything while they are performing the procedure. Once they have completed their work in your mouth, they monitor you and wake you at the appropriate time. You remain in recovery and are monitored until you are fully able to leave their facility. You must have a designated driver to bring you for the procedure and take you home afterward.

Despite the horror stories some patients hear, dental procedures using IV sedation are generally safe and successful. This is especially true when an OMS performs the procedure and also administers and monitors the anesthesia.

You Just Have to Laugh

For younger patients, or for patients who experience general anxiety about basic oral procedures, laughing gas is another safe option.  Oral surgeons who administer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) also ensure that patients are both relaxed and safe during the procedure.  While this form of anesthesia won’t make you literally laugh, it will help ensure your comfort during the procedure. The use of nitrous oxide is referred to as inhalation sedation and provides you with a feeling of euphoria. As a result, anxiety and apprehension decrease; furthermore, there are no side effects.

Lastly, there is local anesthesia. This sedation option is the common association that most dental patients are familiar with. Patients see or hear about dentists using big exaggerated needles that go into someone’s mouth, and this invokes unrealistic fear. However, when you understand that the needle isn’t that large and that the Lidocaine will numb your mouth for the procedure, fear dissipates.

Don’t Be Afraid to Consult with OMSH

Have you been delaying or putting off important dental work due to fear over anesthesia? It’s time to confront your concerns the right way. In fact, there is nothing wrong with being afraid. Likewise, if you are afraid, it’s best to discuss your fears with the professional surgeons of OMSH. They will help empower you when it comes to understanding which options will work for you. With any dental procedure, you’ll need some form of sedation that prevents you from feeling discomfort while they’re working in your mouth. Knowing and understanding what’s best is the first step towards losing your fears.

As a Houston patient, you can put your oral care in the best possible hands. If you need extensive dental work, connect with us at OMSH for your next consultation. We guarantee NO TRICKS or TRAPS! Call us today at 832-509-4505.