Though many of us may take our smile for granted, it is our most important facial asset. When we don’t have a confident smile or good oral health, it shows in many ways. From our behaviors and social interactions, to our eating rituals and the way we communicate, our teeth and smile greatly impact daily functioning.  This is why it’s vital that we maintain an optimal level of oral health. However, this only happens with the assistance of dental and experienced oral surgeons who help us keep a healthy smile.

Consider Dental Implants for the New Year

The best way to ensure a healthy confident smile when you’re missing teeth, or have substantial dental damage, is to consider implants. Though nearly 120 million Americans have at least one missing tooth, this is nothing new to the average adult. However, what still continues to develop is the exciting and innovative technology behind dental implants. For patients who are good candidates, they should consult with a highly-skilled oral surgeon, or more specifically, an oral maxillofacial surgeon.

There are many great benefits to having dental implants. And now is a great time to consult with the highly-skilled and specialized oral surgeons of OMSH. If you need a new smile for the New Year, discover more about the benefits and details behind implants.

Prevents Dental Bone Loss

Even if you have just one tooth missing, it affects your facial appearance, ability to chew, as well as your speech. But more importantly, missing teeth can affect overall bone density. In fact, major tooth loss will eventually lead to significant bone loss. When teeth are missing, the body reacts and resorbs the bone in your mouth.

Oral surgeons will explain how the bone in your mouth begins to weaken and the proper support needed for the rest of your teeth is jeopardized. Bone density provides a strong foundation for your jawline and keeps your teeth in place for speaking and chewing. Dental implants work as prosthetics to maintain bone density and strengthen gums to support all your teeth.

Restores Facial Support and Appearance

The beauty of dental implants is that they look and function like natural teeth. Therefore, if you’ve begun the process of resorption because of missing teeth, implants help to restore any bone loss. The high-quality titanium material from which implants are made serves as prosthetic roots in your gums. Over time, the process of osseointegration takes place as the surrounding bone naturally bonds with the implant.

Without the proper amount of dental bone, your facial appearance changes and your cheeks become sunken. Oral surgeons will tell you that implants reverse the resorption process. When you have implants to replace missing teeth, they restore bone density, total oral functioning, and your smile. As such, your facial appearance is rejuvenated and restored.

A New Smile for the New Year

With implants, the oral surgeons of OMSH can correct any damage that has already occurred. They have extensive knowledge of advanced bone replacement techniques and will help restore your confident smile.

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