In case you didn’t know, dental implants can offer you the best solution for missing teeth. And what primarily used to be an option for the very wealthy and well-to-do, is now open to almost everyone. However, there are still many who aren’t aware of this and continue to put off getting implants due to cost.

So, what makes dental implants more affordable these days? There are many variables that can affect implant costs. Yet, the good news is, you too can now afford them if you need them. The benefits and life-long enjoyment that you receive from having implants far outweigh the cost. Overall, when you replace missing teeth with implants, you make a wise investment in savings and improve your quality of life. In this article, OMSH discusses the various factors that affect dental implant costs, which now make them more affordable. So, read on.

The Number of Replacements Can Affect Cost

Of course, if you need to replace one tooth with an implant, the cost will be less compared to replacing multiple teeth. At the same time, front teeth implants are traditionally more expensive than back teeth. The reason for this is because your front teeth have an immediate and direct effect on your smile and appearance. And consequently, your front teeth are the first ones that others see when they look at you.

The Kind of Dental Implant You Choose

Believe your dental practitioner when he or she says that not all dental implants are created equal. Though quality is now more affordable, it does not come cheap; so beware of practices that offer cheap implants. You’ll ultimately get what you pay for in the long run.

These days, there are all kinds of materials and manufacturing designs used to make premium implants and abutments. Titanium implants, for example, are the highest quality implants. Likewise, zirconium implants also tend to work well, but at a higher cost. Since zirconium is a transitional-type non-metal and more ceramic in nature, it can break more easily.

The best implant manufacturers utilize titanium materials because they’re durable, extremely safe, and biocompatible for remaining in the body. Most importantly, they fuse well with existing dental bone, clinically known as the osseointegration process. Yet, both titanium and zirconium implants look and function exactly like your natural teeth.

We also want to point out that the type of crown you choose can further affect implant cost. High-quality crowns will look exactly like your natural teeth and last for several decades.

Installation Options

As implant technology continues to advance, many patients are able to take advantage of not only the kind of implant they prefer but also various installation options. In any case, you’ll find that installation options provide patients with more cost-effective choices. For instance, the oral surgeons of OMSH offer patients All-On-4 implants, as well as Teeth-In-A-Day options. This means you can choose to have multiple replacements installed on four implants to save on cost. Furthermore, if you’re a good candidate for implants, we can perform your entire implant procedure in one day. As such, you can leave our office with all your implants installed, saving time and the cost of multiple visits.

Additional Procedures Can Affect Cost

Some patients may need to have an added procedure or two prior to having dental implants. For example, let’s say your oral surgeon finds that your dental bone has begun to resorb where teeth are missing. If so, you may not have an adequate amount of bone density to properly support implants. As such, your surgeon would perform a bone graft prior to implant surgery if this procedure is feasible for you.

Payment Plan Options

Perhaps one immediate aspect that makes implants more affordable these days is the availability of payment plan options. In fact, even some insurance carriers today offer plans that help cover a portion of the oral implant procedure. However, you should be mindful of your policy and what it covers when it comes to your oral healthcare needs.

Many people these days also have the finances or savings available to take advantage of other payment options. For instance, HSA’s and FSA’s offer great options for you to pay for your implants. Furthermore, various practices and healthcare credit agencies, like Care Credit, offer easy payment options that help cover any out-of-pocket expenses. Most of these plans offer little to no interest payments over a period of time. Ultimately, if you’re considering dental implant investments, discuss it with your dental practitioner to learn about all your options.

You Have Options – Find Out With OMSH

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