The late-teen years are usually the period in which wisdom teeth appear on dental x-rays.  This is when your teen starts feeling this 3rd set of grinding teeth (molars) pushing against their back gums.  And for most, consequently, these teeth cause swelling, pain, cavities, and gum disease.  When and if this happens, your teen’s dentist may recommend oral surgery to help remedy the issue.

Why Teens Will See Oral Surgeons

For the most part, teenagers have to see oral surgeons or oral maxillofacial surgeons for dental extractions. When their wisdom teeth appear to pose a threat to their oral health, or issues arise behind developing teeth, oral surgery is a viable option. Tooth extraction usually happens when:

  • Wisdom teeth are impacted. These teeth sit far back in a teen’s mouth and consequently become trapped in the gums or jawbone. Molar impaction can also be excruciatingly painful.


  • A teen’s mouth is too small and there’s no room in the jaw to accommodate an extra set of molars.


  • The teeth come in at the incorrect angle and press against other teeth eventually causing other issues.


  • Your teen has gum disease or cavities. This usually happens when patients cannot get to those back teeth with dental floss and a toothbrush. And over time, bacteria wreaks havoc and your teen’s wisdom tooth becomes infected and has to go.

Ensure Your Teens Get the Best Oral Surgery Care

Typically, oral surgery is the best course of action for removing those hard-to-reach molars. Whether a teen’s wisdom teeth are still impacted in the gums, or partially or fully erupted and causing issues, most dentists will recommend an oral surgeon. Fortunately, oral surgeons have specialized training to ensure that they extract teeth carefully and safely for your teens.  Sometimes an extraction can be a simple one, and then there are times when the surgeon will have to place an incision in the gumline to remove the tooth. In either case, a specialized oral surgeon will know what to do.

At the same time, when teens see an oral maxillofacial surgeon for oral surgery, their care is in the best capable hands. Oral maxillofacial surgeons are highly trained medical AND dental practitioners. This means that they’re also trained and licensed to administer anesthesia. And if any unforeseen circumstance should arise during your teen’s dental extraction, they are trained to handle it with expert care and attention. As top dental physicians, they offer various options of patient comforts and will ensure the safest solution for your teen during oral surgery.

OMSH for Teens

Besides removing wisdom teeth, the advanced training of oral maxillofacial surgeons equip them to diagnose and surgically treat facial and dental injuries, defects, and various oral diseases. They also specialize in dental implants. So, if your teen loses a tooth for whatever reason (sports, accidents, etc.), the surgeons of OMSH can replace missing teeth.

Various parents these days still have concerns when it comes to their teens having oral surgery. However, with experienced dental practitioners, like those of OMSH in Houston, parents can rest assured of their teens’ oral care.  Learn more by contacting OMSH today.