Thank goodness that the days of long and painful dental procedures are over.  Nowadays, we don’t have to make multiple appointments in order to opt for certain treatments. Innovative dental practices and surgical procedures, like ‘teeth-in-a-day’, allow patients to leave the dentist with a full set of teeth. This breakthrough dental implant procedure provides you with a confident smile and a fully operational bite in one day!

Let’s Talk About the Issues with Dentures

Before we move further into this article, we’d like to address the issues concerning dentures compared to teeth-in-a-day implants. If you’re not familiar, teeth-in-a-day can truly offer patients a significant advantage and greater alternative to traditional dentures. ‘How?’; you may ask? Well, even with modern dentures, they can still cause issues over time, like bone loss for instance.

When bone loss occurs, your dentures can slip, unfortunately, and cause great embarrassment. Without proper placement, or if resorption has begun in your mouth, dentures can affect your ability to chew and communicate. Contrarily, teeth-in-a-day is a safe and effective alternative that provides permanent teeth, a confident smile, and no more embarrassment. Learn more about teeth-in-a-day benefits. Now, let’s talk more about how the procedure works.

The Oral Exam: Step 1

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for the teeth-in-a-day dental implant procedure. A highly-trained dental physician and surgeon, such as an oral maxillofacial surgeon, will conduct a comprehensive examination to determine candidacy.  During the exam, the surgeon will evaluate your dental health, natural bite, and bone density to ascertain whether teeth-in-a-day is a suitable option. If your dental health is positive, bone density is in good shape, and your bite isn’t problematic, then you’re an appropriate candidate. Most candidates, however, will be edentulous or have a great deal of missing natural teeth.

The Teeth-in-a-Day Process: Step 2

After the initial oral exam and determination of candidacy, the next stage involves preparing for the surgery. A cone beam scan will be done to generate a 3D model of your upper and lower jaw. Surgeons use this scan as a model to plan the surgery on a virtual level.  The scan, for instance, determines precisely where the new dental implants will need to go. Surgeons will also ensure that the color of the crowns perfectly matches your natural teeth color.

The Surgery: Step 3

Once the model has determined the placement of the implants, an experienced oral maxillofacial surgeon will remove any remaining teeth. After the surgeon completes that stage safely, he proceeds to perfectly place the implants precisely where the model specifies they need to go.

Most times, patients will receive All-On-4 implants for their upper and/or lower jaw. These types of implants are perfect for populating your mouth in a cost-effective way with a full set of teeth. Then, once your implants are in place, the surgeon carefully places in the new teeth.

Go Home Smiling

In a single day, you can leave the office with a fresh smile. You’ll also have the freedom to eat and speak with absolute clarity and comfort. Thanks to innovation and ingenuity, oral surgical techniques, and new dental advancements, various procedures and treatments continue to evolve. And as a result, they consistently help make it easier to restore that confident smile and quality of life.

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