Imagine your 81-years-wise mother deciding to seek out a consultation for all-on-4 dental implants? If she asks you to drive her to the appointment, what do you do? If you’re like most adults with senior parents, you begin to worry and wonder altogether. Likewise, you’d have serious reservations about taking her to the appointment. Well, wonder no more! Below, the dental physicians of OMSH share insightful information about dental implants for Mom.

Dental Implant Concerns for Aging Mothers

Whether you’ve had implants or not, if your mother asks for them, your top concern is her ability to handle the procedure. Even if Mom is in good general health, you may still worry that she won’t be able to heal well. Some also worry that implants won’t be a good investment for Mom, or that they’ll diminish her quality of life. Then there is also the concern that she may not be making the best decision. Either way, all of these issues are valid concerns. Furthermore, they offer good reason for you to discuss possible options thoroughly with Mom and the consulting oral surgeon.

It’s About Candidacy, Not Age

When getting implants, regardless of your Mom’s age, it’s important to know from the beginning if she’s a good candidate. Like any dental patient who is considering implants, an initial consult is the first step. During a consultation, the oral surgeon will help determine candidacy. Therefore, if Mom has severe bone loss, other uncontrolled health issues, or severe periodontal disease, implants won’t be an option.

Contrarily, for patients in good general health, dental implants could very well provide a viable solution for missing teeth. This is even the case for patients who are older. For example, past studies have indicated that various types of implant-supported prosthetics are great treatment options for elderly patients. The only difference in patients obtaining implants who are elderly is found in the actual follow-up and post-surgical care.

Furthermore, in a 2004 study, over 130 dental patients over age 79 who received implants had obtained similar outcomes compared to those from younger age groups.

Consultation Is the Key To Finding the Best Solution

Having teeth that function well and help maintain good oral health is a universal desire regardless of age. And it doesn’t hurt that they help us eat well, improve our appearance, and rebuild our confidence. In fact, when we get dental implants, we’re actually investing in an improved quality of life compared to teeth or dentures that aren’t functional.

Overall, implants can offer you, and your aging Mom, a better solution. So, if your aging mother wants dental implants, take her in for a consultation with some of the best oral maxillofacial surgeons in Houston. Connect her with OMSH. Freely contact us for an appointment online, or call 832-509-4505.