Every parent wants to give their children a happy, healthy future. And due to this innate desire, parents are willing to make necessary sacrifices and investments. In fact, they’ll ensure that their children not only have a great childhood but that they also thrive as adults. Consequently, one great investment parents can make for their children is with stem cell banking – specifically, a tooth bank.

Why Stem Cell Medical Procedures Are the Future of Medicine

Many in the healthcare industry view stem cells as the future of modern medicine. In fact, they’re convinced that, eventually, these cells will be used to treat/cure everything from heart damage and diabetes to Parkinson’s and spinal cord injuries.

Stem cells are the cells from which every cell in the body are generated. In a laboratory setting, these cells can be divided to make new stem cells or even blood, heart, bone, or brain cells.

When the body experiences some sort of trauma, the cells in that part of the body die off. Introducing stem cells can regenerate the damaged area, which can potentially save lives.

Scientists have discovered that the human tooth is a wonderful source of stem cells.

Stem Cell Tooth Banking: What is it? Is it Beneficial?

A tooth bank is a place where stem cells are harvested from the nerves of extracted teeth. The cells are then cryogenically frozen until they’re needed. Why are researchers excited and hopeful about the stem cells found in teeth?

Why Harvest Stem Cells from Teeth?

The nerve of a tooth is rich with healthy cells because it’s been fed blood and other nutrients up until the point of extraction. Primary (baby) teeth, as well as wisdom teeth and those removed for orthodontic purposes, are the best source for stem cell harvesting.

Since your child’s baby teeth will be extracted anyway, you might as well put them to good use. Instead of simply disposing of the teeth, send them to a tooth bank where they can be stored until your child needs them.

Cost Factors to Consider

To utilize the services of a stem cell bank, there are some costs parents will need to consider. First, you’ll need to pay for the initial processing. Once the teeth reach the lab, the stem cells are harvested and checked for viability.

After that, you’ll have to pay an annual storage fee, which is not included in the processing fee. Payment options are available.

Tooth Bank Is an Investment in a Healthy Future for Your Children

As a parent, you want to do all you can to ensure your children live the healthiest life possible. When you invest in a stem cell bank, you are giving your children the gift of better health. In fact, the investment you make today could end up contributing to a life-saving procedure in the future.

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