In case you hadn’t yet heard, stem cell research has reached milestones of innovative technology over the past several years. These days, many highly-skilled physicians and surgeons are using results from stem cell research to help save lives. Stem cell tooth banking has also provided a great way for doctors to harvest stem cells that patients can utilize in the future. The following article addresses some of the key benefits.

Scientific Benefits

Though it may not seem logical to start with “science”, when it comes to stem cell banking, there are many clinical benefits. Did you know that the cells in your baby teeth can help cure you in the future? The scientific benefits of stem cell banking include treating leukemia and other forms of cancer, gum disease, spinal cord injuries, and MS. However, these are not the only areas where doctors can apply stem cell therapy.

By saving your child’s baby teeth in a tooth banking facility, their stem cells can also be used to regenerate cells for brain injuries, dental accidents, bone regeneration, and much more. The chances of your child rejecting their own stem cells as an adult are extremely slim. In most cases, those cells will regenerate and multiply into more healthy cells. Learn more about the clinical benefits of stem cell tooth banking.

Save Your Tooth, Save Your Life

The bottom line is that stem cell banking can save lives. The top benefit of this innovative technique is that patients can utilize their own young healthy stem cells for regeneration. Cells regenerate and help treat certain areas of the body where cells are dead or diseased.

For the past 20 to 30 years, physicians have found ways to harness stem cells and treat leukemia and other genetic blood diseases. However, today, research has discovered that stem cells from teeth can provide healing mechanisms, regenerate aging and/or damaged tissues in the body, and help fight disease. Overall, stem cells save lives because most patients will not reject their cells.

Economic Benefits

Numerous financial benefits come with using your own stem cells. For example, the cost associated with stem cell banking is far less than gathering stem cells from someone else. Tooth banking is also much more affordable than the research and medical costs associated with traditional stem cell treatments. Overall, it is a wise investment into your child’s healthy future.

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