There is an opioid overdose crisis in the US. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, more than 130 people lose their lives overdosing on addictive pain medications alone. To help ensure their patients stay opioid-free, today’s dental physicians and oral maxillofacial surgeons are turning to Exparel®.  As a form of bupivacaine, Exparel is a non-opioid pain control medication that numbs discomfort without presenting addictive effects.

Why Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons Prefer Exparel

The opioid crisis didn’t start overnight, it continues to grow, unfortunately, with the production of new addictive medications. That’s why many of today’s dental physicians are ensuring this doesn’t continue. They continue striving to reduce the number of opioids they prescribe, especially to teens.

This is where innovative medications like Exparel proves invaluable. This non-addictive medication keeps patients pain free days after undergoing wisdom teeth extractions, dental implants, and jaw/facial surgeries. Oral maxillofacial surgeons can administer Exparel as an injection following a treatment. It helps prevent the need for follow-up care and prescribed opioids.

Lasting Localized Treatment Benefits

Plus, Exparel works locally, which means that it numbs only the site of the treatment rather other areas of the body. In other words, it provides pain relief when the patient needs it the most, i.e. the first few days after a surgical procedure. What doctors and patients find most beneficial about Exparel is the low risk of dependency while providing effective pain relief. Some oral surgeons will also prescribe Ibuprofen along with Exparel for additional pain relief. Once the non-opioid treatment is complete, patients can take OTC pain meds as needed, thus reducing the need for narcotics.

Furthermore, patients who have used this medication report minimal to no uncomfortable side effects such as, vomiting, nausea, and constipation. It’s also particularly efficient for patients with a history of drug dependency as pain and discomfort remain well under control.

Pain-Free Surgical Experience

Don’t let the fear of pain stop you from having a wisdom tooth extraction, or from receiving needed dental implants. Necessary oral surgical procedures can help significantly improve your overall quality of life. An experienced oral maxillofacial surgeon will prescribe the best treatment for you based on your current oral care needs.

So, don’t wait! Contact OMSH today for more information on our procedures and how we use Exparel to help ease your recovery process. We use only recommended dosages to ensure the well-being of all our patients. As with any surgical procedure, it’s imperative to obtain a comprehensive dental evaluation and consult with our oral surgeons. We are just a call away. Call 832-509-4505, or request an appointment online to learn more.