The best way to answer this question is to say, “Yes and No”! You can get dental implants in the Fall, or any time of the year. So, any time is a good time to get them because it will be when you need them most. Besides, people get dental implants all the time and for several reasons.

With the fall season at hand, however, it would be prudent to start thinking about it if now is an ideal time. But, before we get into timing, let’s talk about why some people consider getting implants in the first place:

Why You Would Need Dental Implants

Missing Teeth

The number one reason why some people consider dental implants is because they’re missing teeth. Missing teeth can negatively impact your confidence and may even discourage you from smiling. The more teeth you lose, the more likely you are to have jaw bone loss and malnutrition.

Damaged or Failing Teeth

Severely damaged or failing teeth may be yet another good reason to consider dental implants. Sometimes crowns, fillings, and bondings can help repair a damaged tooth, but not when the damage is too extreme. In such cases, oral surgeons will more than likely recommend extraction as an effective solution. After tooth extractions, however, implants may be necessary to avoid any bone loss or restore your smile.

Bone Loss

Gum disease, tooth loss, and certain other infections can lead to bone loss. Dental implants can prevent bone loss by stimulating the jawbone tissue and helping it retain its structure.

Loss of Functionality

Sometimes, due to an accident or an injury, the mouth suffers severe trauma. It may become difficult then to perform even the most basic tasks, like talking and chewing food.  If you are suffering from a lack of functionality in your mouth, implants become the only viable option. They benefit you in so many ways because they look and function like your natural teeth.

When to Get Dental Implants

So what then is the ‘right’ time to get those implants? Well, implants have a lot more to do with whether or not you need them.

If you truly need implants for any reason, any time is the right time. Perhaps you’ll want to contact an oral surgeon as soon as possible if you have missing teeth or dental trauma.

However, if you are considering getting implants anyway, why not get them before the holiday season starts? There are two reasons why getting implants at the start of fall is a good idea:

Photographs & Special Events

You don’t want to ruin your Christmas photos because of missing teeth. At the same time, the end of the year also marks many special occasions and events that usually surround work, family, or the Holidays. In such cases, it helps to make sure your smile and that confident look are both intact while interacting with others. Then again, why not give yourself a reason to smile that toothy smile this holiday season?

Holiday Celebrations

Trust us, you’ll want to enjoy that Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas pudding, and roasted turkey when the holidays come to town. Writhing in pain over such a joyous occasion, while everyone else is enjoying themselves to the fullest is a recipe for disaster. This is especially relevant if you suffer from bone loss or a non-functional jaw.

Always Get Dental Implants from Experienced Oral Physicians

Although there isn’t a particular ‘right time’ to get dental implants, it does help to get them before the holidays if you need them. This way, you can enjoy that time to its fullest! And most importantly, whenever you decide to get implants, make sure you see an experienced professional.

The oral maxillofacial surgeons of OMSH are professional dental physicians who can help you regain your smile and confidence. Be sure to schedule an appointment with them to discuss your oral care and restorative needs. They will always provide the best medical recommendations and optimal solutions that will work best for you.

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