There is nothing like a bright Holiday smile when you’re capturing special moments with family and friends. Yet through all the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season, we have to remain mindful of continuing to practice good dental and oral care. Fortunately, here at OMSH, we have years of experience in helping patients keep a nice smile. It remains our privilege to offer our Houston patients the best in professional oral care tips, dental implants, and oral maxillofacial surgery. In other words, we have the professional skill and experience that patients can always benefit from. Also, we remain dedicated to ensuring that every patient receives the utmost in oral surgery care and successful results.

Below, OMSH provides readers with tips on ways they can keep their Holiday smile bright while T’is the Season!

Carol While You’re Cleaning

There’s nothing wrong with singing Christmas carols in the bathroom to maintain the Holiday spirit. However, unless you’re a great singer to others, no one should hear you but you! So, enjoy and carol away while you’re brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily. All you need is 2-3 minutes of good brushing to maintain good oral health.

Consider Dental-Friendly Stocking Stuffers

The amount of gummy, sticky, and hard sugary candies we give out each year is astronomical. According to the NCA, over 93% of folks will give out candy and chocolates during Christmas time. How many of those candies will you find in your Christmas stocking? Lots! However, there are some options if you want to ensure your Holiday smile and your family’s smile is bright. For one, it may be a great idea to stuff stockings with new toothbrushes and floss packs along with the candy.

Furthermore, to cut back on the candy, try shooting for dark chocolate treats that have a low glycemic index and lots of antioxidants. You can also consider smaller portions of candy, as well as sugar-free candies and/or gums. Lastly, people enjoy other cool items and gadgets in their stockings that will further help spread Christmas cheer.

Remember, Your Teeth Aren’t Scissors

We know it can be tempting to use your teeth to tear paper, plastic wrappings, tape, and even bows. However, it’s not a wise choice to make. Keep scissors and tape dispensers handy and close by. The last thing anyone wants is to sustain a dental injury during the Holidays.

Play Holiday Host with a Smile

Here’s an idea if you’re having friends and family coming to stay for a spell during the Holidays. It helps to remain hospitable and conscious of your guests’ oral health as well. For instance, they will appreciate you serving snacks and foods that are dental-friendly. This is especially for elderly friends and family members who prefer soft foods that are not too sugary or sticky. Furthermore, you can keep a stash of extra travel-sized toothbrushes, floss, tubes of toothpaste, and rinses handy for your guests. Placing them in the bathrooms in a nice open location provides easy access for them and reassures them that you’ve thought of them.

Consider Dental Implants from OMSH

For nearly two decades, the oral surgeons of OMSH have provided proven dental implant surgery results for all their patients. If you’re experiencing dental decay, missing teeth, or challenges with dentures and bridges, give us a call. What better gift to give yourself in 2020 than a restored bright smile? Fortunately, our professional oral maxillofacial surgeons can make it happen for you. So, consider going into the New Year and New Decade with a restored smile and a big boost of confidence!

Call OMSH at 713-804-6055 today. We look forward to meeting you and discovering how we can help you.

On behalf of our entire surgical team and staff, we’d like to wish you and yours a very

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!