When you are considering restoring your smile, you may be considering both dentures and implants.  They are both viable options that can help you love your smile again.  Is one a better fit for you than the other?  You may be surprised to learn that more and more people are considering implants for their smile restoration.

doctors inspecting denture of a patient

What’s Wrong with Dentures?

Nothing is “wrong” with dentures.  In fact, some patients will find that dentures are an ideal solution for their specific case.  Dentures were once very cumbersome for the average patient, but dental technology has come a long way and many patients will wear dentures comfortably for decades.

Do some people dislike dentures?  Of course.  Some people will find that dentures are a burden because they slip, can cause issues with the gums and even with bone deterioration, and they need to be replaced every 10-15 years.  While dentures are a great fit for many, implants are also a great option.

Why Implants?

Implants are not one size fits all, but more and more patients are exploring this option because they are only missing a couple of teeth and they want the most natural look that will be easy to sustain.  Implants are great for people who have been able to retain good jaw structure and while it can be more expensive up front, with proper care, implants can last 25 years, making it a sound investment!

A Quick Comparison

This chart will make it simple for you to see the “pros” and “cons” of both dental implants and dentures.  Of course, each patient is different, but this is a quick overview to help guide you as you research your options.

Dental Implants                                     Dentures           
Dental implants can help preserve the remaining jawbone and facial structure. Dentures can lead to deterioration of the jawbone and facial structure if not properly fitted.
Implants look and feel like natural teeth. Low-quality dentures can look unnatural.
Implants are strong as they are attached to the jaw, allowing for a comfortable fit. Dentures can slip around and cause discomfort to the gums.
Implants do not need adhesives. Dentures will require creams and adhesives to help hold them in place.
Implants allow for natural chewing ability and capacity. Denture wearers will often have to avoid certain foods to avoid slippage or sticking.
Implants can be a lifelong investment. Dentures eventually need to be remade or relined.
Implants Easy to care for and keep clean. Dentures have to be removed for cleaning.

Not sure which is the right option for you? Contact us today!  The team at OMSH would love to meet with you and discuss your options and your specific needs!