Do you find yourself covering your smile or avoiding smiling when you are in public or even among friends and family due to missing teeth?  Missing teeth can negatively impact overall confidence, but it doesn’t have to. Dental implants are a great way to improve your smile and overall confidence.

Dental implants restore confidence.

Why Dental Implants?

Many people think that they aren’t candidates for dental implants, but the fact is that most patients who have missing teeth are candidates!  There are some benefits associated with implants that you don’t want to overlook:

  • Cost-Effectiveness. The overall cost-effectiveness of dental implants comes as a surprise to most patients.  Implants are meant to last a lifetime; you only must pay for them once.  Other methods of replacement including bridges and dentures will need to be replaced every few years.  So, while an implant is more expensive initially, over a lifetime it is a more affordable option to have a great smile.
  • Improved functionality. Implants are also a great choice for tooth replacement because they are fused to your jaw, creating the most natural fit of all tooth replacement methods. This will allow you to chew and speak as naturally as you would if you had all of your natural teeth.  The more natural your teeth feel, the more functional they will be, and the more confident you will feel.
  • Maintaining oral health. When you choose implants for tooth replacement, you are helping to ensure your overall oral health. The implant will fit naturally, will promote the growth of healthy gum tissue and preserve your jawbone, as well.
  • Comfort and convenience. Once you have your implant placed, you will find that they are comfortable and convenient. Unlike other tooth replacement options, implants will not cause any rubbing, pinching, slipping, or discomfort. You will simply care for your implant the way you care for the rest of your natural teeth.

The Safety of Dental Implants Amid COVID-19

Have you been putting off your dental implants because of the COVID-19 pandemic?  As you are probably aware, for some time dental offices were not able to provide care except in emergent situations to limit the potential spread of COVID-19.  Dental offices are open and operating again under more rigid guidelines from the CDC, so you can rest assured that now is a great time to restore your smile and your confidence with dental implants.


Because OMSH is following local, state, and federal guidelines to provide you with the safest dental care, we welcome you into our office with confidence.  We have implemented additional precautions in our commitment to provide our patients with the safest environment to experience impeccable care, improved confidence, and reduced pain.

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