If your teen needs to have their wisdom teeth removed but you have been putting it off because of school and other commitments, the summer is a natural time to do it.  Without the worry of school absences, there will be plenty of time to rest up after surgery when surgery is done during the summer months.  If you are feeling uncertain about having the procedure done due to COVID-19 fears, that is understandable, but even with the challenges that the virus presents, summer is a great time for wisdom teeth removal.

Now is a great time for wisdom teeth removal.

More Stringent Guidelines for Dental Treatment

Any concerns around the COVID-19 virus are completely valid as we are living in unprecedented times.  The good news is that dental offices are more prepared than ever before to provide a safe dental experience to their patients.  Dental offices have always been impeccably clean and safe. With the current COVID-19 CDC guidelines for providing dental care, you can rest assured that all precautions are being taken to provide care with as little risk of passing the virus from person to person as possible.

Staff Dedication to Safety and Comfort

In addition to the CDC guidelines associated with providing safe dental care in the wake of a pandemic, dental offices are implementing additional processes for added comfort and safety.  For instance, when you visit a dental office you may be asked to:

  • Fill out paperwork before you arrive to your appointment
  • Wear a mask while you wait for your appointment
  • Apply hand sanitizer when you enter the practice
  • Have your temperature taken before your appointment
  • Access to fewer appointment times to allow for more time between patients

These measures are being taken to protect patients, staff, and doctors.  While it may mean the appointments feel a little bit different, it will help to make dental appointments as safe even during a pandemic.

Your Dental Health Is Important

While it may be anxiety-inducing to consider going to a dentist during a health crisis, your dental health needs to be a priority.  If you put off wisdom teeth removal for too long it can cause a host of other issues such as crowding and abscess.  Luckily, with the guidelines from the CDC and extra precautions on the part of the dentists and their staff, your dental health can still very much be a priority.

OMSH Proudly Provides Safe Dental Care Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

OMSH is excited to serve our patients despite the health crisis we find ourselves living in.  We are abiding by all local, state, and federal guidelines to provide the safest most effective dental care even in unprecedented times.  Our office has implemented additional processes as well, ensuring that our patients are safe and comfortable while under our care. We look forward to restoring confidence and reducing pain safely in all of our patients!

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