It’s true, we are living in unprecedented times amid a global health crisis. While our local guidelines restricted our practice to emergency only treatment for a time, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of Houston is open and ready to treat your oral surgery needs.  If you know that you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, but COVID-19 concerns have you reconsidering, we empathize and truly understand.  Luckily, as oral surgeons, we are masters of infection control and we can keep you safe and improve your oral health!

wisdom teeth removal

Why Wisdom Tooth Removal Shouldn’t Wait

In light of your concerns over COVID-19, you may be considering putting off your wisdom tooth removal.  While we understand this, we also want you to understand that there are compelling reasons NOT to delay the removal of wisdom teeth.

Pain.  The pain that accompanies wisdom teeth is an obvious reason to not delay removal.  The issue is that these teeth can be hard to clean properly so food and bacteria can collect under the gum line, causing irritation or even infection.  Pain is not just inconvenient; it is the way your body communicates that something is wrong and shouldn’t be ignored.  Ongoing pain not only makes life less enjoyable, but it can make it hard to eat or take care of your other teeth properly.

Impaction. Impaction happens when the wisdom teeth cannot come up through the gum properly.  This can cause pain, overcrowding, and infection.  Impaction will not resolve on its own and the likelihood of increased pain, overcrowding, and infection increases when you delay removal.

Crowding.  Crowding is a big issue for many patients who still have their wisdom teeth. The reason is that there may not be enough room for the teeth to come in, so they push all of the other teeth together. Overcrowding not only can change the way your smile looks but can cause pain, and make proper brushing and flossing more difficult, often leading to issues with gum disease and tooth decay.

As you can see, having your wisdom teeth removed when it is needed is not something that you should delay.  Increased pain, impaction, and other possible oral health issues incentives should make wisdom tooth removal a priority even during unprecedented times.

OMSH is Ready for You

OMSH can understand why you may be reluctant to come into a medical or dental office at this time.  Yet, we have a safe visit approach that will keep you and our staff safe during your visit.  We understand infection control and our commitment is to treat your oral health while keeping you safe and healthy.  Call us today at 713-568-6735 to make your appointment to have your wisdom teeth removed.