Here at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of Houston, we understand that many factors influence a patients’ decision on when to seek treatment. We know that many patients are hesitant to visit a dental and medical office amid COVID-19, but as infection control experts, our team of oral surgeons can assure you that now is a great time to go ahead with your plan to receive dental implants.

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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Dental Implants

We know that this can be a scary time to visit a dental office, but with the infection control measures we have in place, OMSH is as safe as ever.  Additionally, there are many reasons you do not want to delay your implants:

  • Movement of Teeth. Each of your teeth keeps the others in place.  Over time, when you are missing a tooth, the other teeth will shift and fill in the gap. This can result in an uneven bite, a smile that is not aligned, and teeth that are harder to clean.  Dental implants will help to keep the teeth aligned, avoiding more costly problems down the road.
  • Jawbone preservation. Your teeth play a vital role in the health of your jawbone. When you are missing teeth, the jawbone in those areas will slowly start to deteriorate.  The longer you are missing teeth, the more deterioration will take place. Having your implants placed now will help to preserve your jawbone and eliminate issues with jawbone deterioration.
  • Facial appearance. Our facial appearance is greatly impacted by our teeth. When you are missing teeth, over time the bone will deteriorate, and it can change the whole shape of your face.  Many people begin to look older than they are as the skin tends to sag because there is not enough bone mass.  Getting your dental implants now will avoid premature aging and a change in facial appearance.
  • Teeth have a huge impact on speech. When you are missing teeth it can make it difficult or impossible to make some speech sounds.  Replacing missing teeth now will allow you to avoid speech difficulties that can negatively impact many areas of your life and your self-esteem.
  • Self-esteem. The negative impacts missing teeth have on overall self-esteem is something that is not talked about often enough.  When you are missing teeth it can impact your overall self-esteem.  You may be afraid to meet new people, or you may hide your smile when you talk.  Your teeth should not keep you from living the life that you want to live.  Life is short, so why wait to feel good about yourself?  Dental implants can transform your smile and restore confidence, allowing you to lead the life you want to now.

As you can see, there are both medical and psychological reasons that you should not put off getting dental implants.  We are confident we can provide you with a safe environment to give you the smile that you have been dreaming of.

OMSH is Ready to Restore Your Smile Today

We look forward to seeing you again and are happy to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have about our infection control practices.   Call our office today at 713-714-5192 to make an appointment!  We’re ready for you!