If you have been told that you need to have your wisdom teeth removed you may be feeling a bit nervous about what to expect. While this can be a bit nerve-racking, you should know that this is a very common procedure, with more than 10 million Americans having their wisdom teeth removed each year!  Knowing what to expect can help alleviate anxiety and ensure your surgical success.

wisdom teeth removal

Before Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

Before your surgery, you will have a meeting with your oral surgeon to discuss your specific wisdom tooth removal.  This is a great time to ask any questions about the process, your teeth, and the recovery.  Your surgeon or their assistant will likely ask you questions about your overall health and medications that you take.

Once your health information has been collected, your surgeon will discuss your anesthesia options with you.  Surgeons understand that every patient is unique, so discussing desires about anesthesia is important because you will want to be as comfortable as possible during the surgery.  Once decisions have been made about anesthesia, you’ll make your appointment.

Before the day of your surgery, you will want to make arrangements to have a ride to and from the surgeons’ office as you cannot drive after anesthesia.  Your surgeon may call in any medications before surgery and it is a good idea to pick these up so you have them at home.  This is also a good time to let friends, family, teachers, and coworkers know that you may be laying low for a few days while you recover.

Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If you are feeling at all anxious about your wisdom teeth removal, you should plan to arrive at your appointment a few minutes early so you don’t feel rushed.  When you arrive your surgeons’ assistant will get you situated and will get your anesthesia started.  Regardless of what type of anesthesia you choose, you don’t need to worry about being in pain because you will either be asleep or numb.

A typical wisdom tooth removal surgery takes about an hour and your skilled surgeon will simply remove the teeth from the gums, carefully stitching the wounds closed so the gums will heal beautifully.  These stitches will dissolve on their own in a few days.  The surgeon may also line your gums with gauze to soak up any fluids.  Once the surgery is done the medical team will stay with you until you are alert enough to be driven home.

Wisdom Teeth Removal After Care

You should expect to feel a bit tired after your oral surgery and you can also expect some swelling, tenderness, and a bit of blood.  It’s important to listen to your surgeons’ aftercare plan for treating pain and swelling.  Your first day after surgery needs to be spent resting to allow your body to heal from surgery.

Your oral surgeon will give you very specific aftercare instructions that relate to taking medication, eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth. These instructions need to be followed very carefully to enjoy issues with infection, dry socket, and other issues.  Those who follow the directions usually make a full recovery in a week or less, with no complications.

OMSH Can Help with Your Wisdom Teeth Needs

Has your general dentist told you that you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted?  OMSH is home to some of the best oral surgeons in The Greater Houston Area and we would love to consult with you on your wisdom teeth removal needs!  Our priority is the comfort of our patients and we look forward to meeting with you to see how we can exceed your expectations.  Call us today at 713-338-9022 to make an appointment!