If you are like most consumers, your dental benefits come at a premium. Insurance rates have gone up throughout the years and the cost to have this necessary coverage makes most of us cringe, and rightly so.  Yet, so many who have this coverage fail to remember to use their benefits before the end of the calendar year.

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Schedule Your Appointment Before it’s Too Late

Have you been putting off your dental appointment because you simply can’t seem to find the time? A lot of patients experience this same phenomenon year after year.  Life gets busy, so when you aren’t in constant pain or the pain is manageable, it is easy to put off making an appointment or to call and reschedule.

The end of the year, and your opportunity to use your benefits for 2020, is fast approaching. But, it’s not too late to call and make an appointment.  Now is a great time to call and make an appointment for the procedures you have been putting off including:

Taking the time to get this done now will allow you to not only utilize the dental insurance you pay a premium for, but it will also allow you to enter the new year feeling better about your smile than you have in some time.  Why not enter the new year feeling great?

Call OMSH Today to Utilize Your Dental Benefits

Your opportunity to utilize your dental benefits is winding down.  Call OMSH today to make an appointment to discuss your oral surgery needs.  We would love the opportunity to help you reduce pain and love your smile.  Call us today at 713-464-2833 so we can get you in to see one of our doctors!  We look forward to making you smile!