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Oral Care & Treatment for Bad Breath

It's time to stop being embarrassed about bad breath. Learn how to maintain good oral care and consult with the dental surgeons of OMSH as your first line of defense. Call us at 832-509-4505.

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The Future of Dental Implants is Now

There’s no doubt that dental implants have increased in popularity and will remain the best option for replacing teeth. Learn more about technological advancements, then contact OMSH for your next consultation at 832-509-4505.

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All About Dental Trauma Surgery & Services

In most cases, dental trauma surgery involves treating damages or fractures to the jaw, cheekbones, eye orbits, facial lacerations, as well as fractured or missing teeth. For facial/dental injury services in Houston, patients go to OMSH. Call our office for a consult at 832-509-4505.

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Considering Dental Implants?

Here's What You Need to Know
A dental implant is, very simply put, a tooth root replacement. Think of an implant as a surgically placed titanium root that a replacement tooth can be built upon. Implants offer a long-lasting, functional, and beautiful solution to missing teeth. Sounds great, right? That’s because it is! Let’s take a closer look and learn more by downloading this FREE Resource Guide.
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