Orthognathic Surgery With Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons

Orthognathic surgery - a mouthful to say, but it just might be what your jaw needs!

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Sleep Apnea And Non-Surgical Treatments

A person may visit an oral surgeon Houston professional to treat various dental issues. However, this expert can help with other conditions as well. For instance, an oral surgeon at OMSH can treat sleep apnea. Here is a closer look at the specific condition and some non-surgical ways to solve the problem.

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Treat your Teeth at OMSH

The 7 Worst Halloween Treats For Teeth

It’s that time of year when Halloween sends shivers down the spines of parents and dentists because the holiday’s treats are super-saturated with the worst enemy of kids’ teeth – sugar. Many treats that come home after a party or neighborhood trick or treating are bad choices where dental health–and even overall health–is concerned.

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Woman Gets Botox from Cosmetic Dentistry Houston

Cosmetic Dentistry and Botox Injections

Individuals who are considering receiving treatment with Botox injections from a local medical or dental facility are encouraged to consider the risks and side effects associated with the treatment in order to ensure that they are comfortably making an informed decision. Cosmetic dentistry Houston professionals are trained and experienced in the proper dosage and administration […]

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