Dental Implants: Should you get a dental implant?

bright smiles from dental implant candidates who went to OMSH in Houston TXIf you are missing one or more teeth, you are a candidate for dental implants. Don’t let anyone else tell you differently.

Many patients are told by inexperienced clinicians that they do not have enough bone for implants. Yes, bone is very important for the ultimate survival of an implant, but with our knowledge of advanced bone grafting techniques we can get you the bone you need.

Of all the methods to replace missing teeth or to fill in gaps in your smile, only a dental implant, looks, works and feels like a real tooth.

There is no age limit for a dental implant. If you enjoy smiling and eating, you should have dental implants.

If you are one of those patients who would generally rather be anywhere than a dentist’s office, you should know that since our doctors are highly trained oral surgeons with extensive training in anesthesiology, we can offer a variety of anesthesia options.

If you have additional questions about dental implants, call 713-IMPLANT, to speak with one of our experienced and dedicated Dental Implant Coordinators (Sharon and Patti), and to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons.