Computer-Guided Dental Implant Placement
in Houston, Texas

omsh-happy-patient-couple-smilingFor the best results, the dental implants need to be planned and placed as near to perfect as humanly possible. We utilize Computer-guided dental implant placement to make sure that the process is extremely precise.

We begin with a CT image of your jaw. Then, our implant surgeons work with a lab in Sweden to fabricate the “Nobel Guide,” designed based on that CT image taken in our office. With this technology, we can determine the very best placement and fit for your implants, giving you a natural, seamless smile.

Computed tomography (CT) applications and the use of computer software in preparation, procedures, and after-care of dental implant therapy have increased significantly this century.

Extensive research, extensive education and individualized protocols utilized by Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons (OMS) like Dr. Metz, Dr. Seidel, and Dr. Orfanos are all contributing factors to the success of many of today’s amazing dental procedures including dental implant procedures.

Our Computer-Guided Implant Placement is eye-opening, head-turning, and smile-creating. This technology enables the doctors to make minute…yet imperative….determinations for a seamless smile.

OMSH staff are ready to answer your questions, make your appointment, and assist the doctor when you arrive.