A dental implant is a better alternative to tooth-supported bridge.

single tooth replacement illustration - services offered by OMSH in Houston TXBefore dental implants were considered the standard of care, tooth-supported bridges were the best treatment dentists had to offer for replacing one or two teeth in a particular area.

A bridge to replace one missing tooth is two crowns with an intervening false tooth that sits on the gum where the tooth is missing. In order to have the crowns, natural tooth structure must be destroyed. Bridges do not prevent bone loss, and the crowned teeth are now more susceptible to decay. For the short term they may solve a problem, but in the long run they create many more problems.

A dental implant is your best option for a healthy, long-lasting, and beautiful smile.

Traditional bridges are no longer the standard of care or your only option for replacing missing teeth. A dental implant won’t damage healthy teeth, and it will actually preserve your bone. There are many benefits to choosing a dental implant over a tooth-supported bridge.

  • They function, look, and feel like your natural teeth.
  • They will function for your lifetime.
  • They are not susceptible to decay.
  • The healthy adjacent teeth are not damaged.
  • The surrounding bone is preserved.
  • They are easier to clean.